Here’s how 5G technology changes the look of music

Dance with your favorite R&B musician Hologram on your 5G phone. In your living room, you can see a young rapper performing his latest tracks in a 360-degree virtual environment. These are just a few of the new music experiences enabled by 5G.

While 5G may not be needed to listen to your favorite music, it could play a major role in music in the future.

It has the ability to connect 5G musicians to their fans and also transmit music developments as virtual reality, enhanced reality and better streaming. Even if the fans are not able to attend in person, they can participate in the event, and they can immerse themselves in the artists’ view using a variety of camera angles and virtual worlds designed to complement the music.

Music technology has improved experiences since the development of the first electronic speaker. For example, with concert venues and crowds, the quality of the experience deteriorated, and technology — with better speakers, larger displays, and camera angles — helped restore the magic.

New music styles, such as electronic dance music, are emerging music technologies such as synthesizers and electronic drums (EDM). Music technology has influenced the way people listen to music. We’ve come a long way, from giant speakers and six-foot speakers to portable Walkman® and now to streaming music on our phones.

This marriage of technology and music is taking another step in 5G. By 2028, revenue from 5G Media and Entertainment is projected to reach $ 1.3 trillion.

Rohit Bagg, a 22-year-old electronic musician from Kolkata, is an independent artist. Bag has released artistic tracks such as Jerry Melody, Jupiter and Cyclotron, working on both song and songwriting. The musician has over 200,000 Instagram followers and uses the platform to communicate with his fans on a regular basis.

“Being a self-employed artist can be fun but sometimes stressful. You are your own support system, and they handle everything from production to marketing. “My fans express their support in a spirit of love and gratitude, which will keep me going and keep me going. I am writing songs.”


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