Here is how Dr. Dibia Singga Das uses surgical technology

A doctor is said to be the image of God. Accurately stated. Dr. Dibia Singa Das did the same. Surgery is a field of medicine that involves physical therapy to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease.

Surgery – Survival of any human organ with the help of surgery. Today we are going to tell you about a related event where surgery and pediatric diseases were defeated.

When the woman and her family visited Dr. Dibia Singa Das, the doctor examined the woman and found that she had to undergo surgery on her right leg. During the examination, he was found to have a problem with his left leg.

Who have been since childhood. There was a problem with her hips on the left side of her hips, which caused her legs to become paralyzed and she had short legs.

She has had this problem since the last 60 years and as a child she has shown many doctors and not all of them are willing to treat her.

The woman has not been able to walk on her right leg for the past seven months, and she has shown almost everywhere, but all doctors have refused.

That’s when Dr. Dibia Singga Das underwent a full examination and began the operation.

Dr. Dibia Singa Das then performed hip replacement surgery on the woman’s left leg.

Completely completed and seven days later, Dr. had his right leg replaced.

Both surgeries are completed correctly and the woman is able to walk properly and is completely healthy.

The woman had come to Dr. Dibia Singh booth to get rid of the knee problem in her right leg, but she did not know that such a miracle would happen in her life. The elimination of the right ankle sprain completes the treatment of childhood illness unexpectedly.

All the doctors refused to solve the problem of his left leg, and as a result, his hopes were dashed.

But Dr. Dibia Singa Das made this work and the crucial issue was fixed by Dr. Dibia Singga Das. The woman is a principal at a college in Odisha. This surgery and case proves that even in India there is a qualified doctor. You can do such things. Who can handle such cases and even a 62-year-old woman can successfully give a new life to the people through a doctor’s surgery and live happily ever after.

It takes a lot of time to perform the surgery in this way and to do exactly what is challenging on its own. This is a state-of-the-art surgery performed by only a few doctors in India and includes the name of Dr. Dibia Singa Das. After going abroad, he received training and is now performing successful surgery in India. You will find more about super special joint replacement issues. This issue is one of the most important and complete.

Dr. Dibia Singa is helping many people with new technology and giving people a healthier life by treating them. Many people can solve their problems simply because they have the best doctors available. You can enjoy a happy life.

Dr. Dibia Singa Das did MBBS, followed by MS – Orthopedics Surgery. He received extensive experience in French from Advanced and Navigation Arthroplastics at Lyon University. (HCLL) with advanced experience in advanced and navigational arthroplastic training at Lyon University in Lyon, France and awarded to SAU from Spain. Trained in hip arthroscopy and arthroplasty.


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