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When women leave abusive situations, they need immediate shelter. Then, when you think of a new, safer, better life, you can move on to a transition, an independent life. There they will gain skills and gain community resources to get back on their feet.

That’s where organizations like the Reconstruction Foundation come in.

The women we support at the Rebond Foundation are women who have been living in shelters due to domestic violence. They are the only women who will not have the next step, and they need one, ”said Christina Ford, president and general manager of the Rebond Foundation. They need that time to work on goals or to acquire a few more skill sets or to save some money before they become free.

Earlier this year, Missouri State University students were assigned to assess the gaps or needs of community organizations in the Department of Business Administration. Anis McLean, a senior lecturer at the Missouri State College of Education, said technology skills have been made available to women at the Rebond Foundation.

The students then met McLean and Dr. Ching-Wayne Chang because they taught girls.

“We jumped on the bandwagon to support a wide range of technologies,” said McLean.

The three came together to make a plan and first prepared a basic list of basic information that they thought would be useful for anyone new to computers.

Chang and Anise came out thinking, “This is probably what most people need to know.” Once we meet with them, we will have the same basic education and thinking, perhaps we can feel better and adjust our teaching to suit the needs of the individual.

While this is an example of using your talents to improve someone else’s experience, Ford says everyone has something to give.

“We really rely on volunteers, donations, and people,” Ford said. This is really needed – everyone who comes with their skills and helps our Lady on the road and our organization.

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