He hopes the new technology will eventually get the MH370

It’s the world’s biggest aviation secret, but experts hope that technological advances will help them find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

New technology could finally unravel the mystery of MH370’s missing flight, raising hopes that a new search could be resumed.

The weak signal amplifier (WSPR) can now be used to calculate accurately before the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed in the Indian Ocean. The sun Reports.

Extensive experiments with new technologies for tracking the radio signals being dropped by airplanes have led experts to believe that they can stay in a more submerged search area to scrape their teams.

The experiments were initiated using the forgotten WSPR system, which records every interaction between airplanes and terrestrial signals.

The information recorded from each signal is stored in a database every two minutes for a time stamp, location and slider.

The contact helps to provide accurate timelines on such a large airline, which is difficult to navigate.

When MH 370 was turned off, the database had about 200 signals every two minutes.

Many sensors can now be used to monitor flight from radar systems.

Richard Godfrey, a British aerospace engineer who performed the experiments, compared the technology to a web of invisible probes that record movement between clouds.

“Imagine that the blind travel wires cross the mountain and go all the way back and forth and wide,” he said. The Times.

“Each step allows you to tread on certain travel wires and we can find you at the intersection of disturbed travel wires. We can keep track of your route as you travel through the field. ”

The missing Boeing 777 concept is being investigated for invisible “electronic cables”, making it very difficult to confirm that the busy airline is Malaysia Airlines.

Mr. Godfrey, part of the team trying to find the plane, used WSPR technology to monitor the New Zealand Air Force Orion.

Shortly after the M330 disappeared, he tracked down the plane, which was able to take pictures of the wreckage floating in the ocean.

The wheels contained what appeared to be the wreckage of the Boeing 777 – but it never returned.

Many experts now believe that the larger panel could be part of Malaysia Airlines.

If the estimate is correct, the Boeing 777 puts 239 people on a ship – in the near future where Orion will be secretly destroyed.

Orion’s flight is now the focus of tests using the new technology.

After years of unsuccessful searches, the cool signal propagandist coolly launches a new search into the depths of the sea.

Ocean Infinity, a marine robotics company equipped with submarine submarines, conducted its final search in 2018.

While advanced technology allows them to cover 80,000 square kilometers of seas, they have not changed.

But after the news of the successful WSPR tests, the team said they were open to resuming another search.

“We are interested in resuming search because of new information or new technology,” said a spokesman for Ocean Infinity.

At the end of next year or early 2023, he said, it looks like a very “smart” time frame.

Mr. Godfrey believes that the radio signal database can provide important clues to the exact flight path and where it crashed.

It takes two months for specially designed software to pass through the database to find any traces that MH370 may have left.

Since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines on March 8, 2014, it has confused the most difficult and expensive aviation secret search teams in the world.

He flew to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur Airport and disappeared from radar.

Seven years after Flight MH370, some investigators believe that the Captain made a series of zigzag movements to drop air traffic and escape radar systems.


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