Guy Pierce – Technology is amazing and disturbing

Guy Pierce thinks that the evolution of technology is “amazing and at the same time disturbing.”

The 53-year-old actor, who is trying to track down the boy who hijacked AI machines in Zone 414, admits he has mixed feelings about technological advances and how they are being implemented. Real life situations.

Guy – who plays alongside Matilda Lutz and Travis Fimmel in the film – says: At the same time interesting and disturbing.

And the idea that those robots, those androids, will be more human or more human than us, or will they never be human?

Guy admits that making the film raises some serious questions about the ever-increasing impact of technology.

He told Sky News: “Where do human beings really come from? Where does it sit? Is there a lot of humanity in us just like a human being or just like a chicken, but we don’t just talk about it. You know and so it can be installed in a robot?

In that setting, all that thought about our identity and our psychology was truly amazing.

Even so, Guy admits that it is not good to use technology in particular.

The Hollywood star explained, “If Siri comes suddenly, I’ll go immediately, ‘No, it’s gone, I don’t need your help, go!

“I’m not so cruel, but I can only imagine an old woman – Monny, it’s nice to have my little boy. He’s still five, so he still doesn’t know exactly what’s on the screen, but you can definitely see him drawing toward him. And I know he’ll probably come very soon where he is in front of me.

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