Guy Pierce explores humanity in the new film Zone 414: ‘Technology Evolution is Amazing and Disturbing’

You are not living with a movie star every day – but Guy Pierce’s new movie, like Droid, is set in a world of indistinguishable reality from real people. .

In Zone 414, the actor plays David Carmikael, a former police officer who is tasked with finding the abducted daughter of the creator of the world’s AI machines.

To find the missing girl, the character must be friends with real robots, forcing him to think about reality and programming.

The film also stars Matilda and Ingrid Lutz

Peerse, who is best known for his films, including Memento and La Mystery – as well as his reputation in Australia’s soap neighborhood – is a question we have to ask ourselves as real-world technology becomes smarter.

“The whole evolution of technology and where we are going and where we are going to create our own versions of this technology, this immediate need is really appealing and disturbing at the same time.”

And the idea that those robots, those androids, will be more human or more human than us, or will they never be human?

He says the actor has been asking himself some basic questions.

“Where do human beings really come from? Where does it sit? Is there a human being in us just like a needle or is there a lot of humanity like a chicken, but we just don’t know because he doesn’t speak and so he can be planted in a robot?

In that setting, all that thought about our identity and our psychology was truly amazing.

He said the technology is not something he knows about, despite the fact that he is struggling with the Y-issues.

But they doubt that the star will learn from the next generation.

Guy Pierce in Zone 414
In such a setting, all that thought about our identity and our psychology was really interesting.

“If Siri comes suddenly, I’ll go immediately, ‘No, it’s gone, I don’t need your help, go! ”

I’m not a lot of Ludditi, but I can only guess – old lady – it’s nice to have my little boy. He’s still five, so he still doesn’t know exactly what’s on the screen, but you can definitely see him drawing toward him. And I know he’ll probably come very soon where he is in front of me.

In Zone 414, Perseus’s character is a man of few words. He says he prefers to describe what is happening physically.

If I can, I always turn off the conversation. “I have to be careful not to get into the habit of turning every character into a silent medium, because this is not true for every character – some people are very vocal by nature.

But in this case, we understand the baggage he brings with him and to some extent he closes as a human being – he is only doing what is necessary to live…, honorable or discouraged ”

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Earlier this year, Perce played a love affair with Kate Winslett Marie in the most popular American crime drama Mari East East.

As an Oscar-winning old friend, another actor came to the project late after the fall – and it still seems strange that he was in it.

By the time I entered, they had been firing for a few months, happily. I did it one day on March 12 last year and we closed [due to the pandemic],” he said.

And I actually only had seven or eight days of work, so it took us about six months because we didn’t return until September to finish my stuff, and I feel like it was surprisingly cut short. It was a very short time from the show – but I feel very close to Katie in my relationship with Katie.

Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce star in East Town Marie.  Picture: Sky UK / HBO
Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce star in East Town Marie. Picture: Sky UK / HBO

Born in Cambridge, Australia, Pierce, Winslett, Ivan Peters, and Julian Nicholson, who grew up in Australia, were “wrapped up” in their respective roles, beating Emis.

“I was very, very happy for the show, but it was so funny to watch the show because my story is different in Mari’s life,” he said. I was really there to remind Mari that she could have love in her life and that she could work hard.

So it was funny to watch the show, because I felt like I was a fan, you know, you know like everyone else – oh, and I said – oh, right, I forgot to do that.

Zone 414 is available for digital download from October 4

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