Group, Inc. Announces the launch of the new SmartStop ™ exclusion technology

Sugar Land, Texas, August 3, 2021 PRNewswire – Group, Inc. (“TEAM”) (NYSE: TISI), a leading global provider of integrated, digital-enabled asset performance verification and optimization solutions, today announced the launch of its proprietary Double Block and Bleeding SmartStop. Isolation technology.

“After extensive in-house testing and a number of successful field experiments, we are pleased to introduce our new, patent-pending technology to Smart Stopping Isolation Technology.” Chad Murray, President of TEAM Mechanical and Online Services Group. “TEAM has a long history of providing integrated solutions to your core markets that improve the safety, reliability and productivity of our customers’ assets. This new integrated solution combines our engineering and manufacturing capabilities and provides material monitoring and quality assurance. The TEM Research and Development Team has spent many years creating and testing new two-block and linear isolation technologies that increase isolation and overall security. This new technology will further strengthen our competitiveness by reducing overall project implementation time and reducing the overall costs of our customers. Benefits in the hot tap industry. ”

SmartStop isolation technology

TEAM’s new SmartStop technology is raising security and productivity standards for hot tap and line intervention applications to new levels. The proprietary technology features a self-leveling, dual-printing system in a two-stage stop joint, which reduces the number of pipe changes required to operate in two blocks and to prevent bleeding isolation. In addition, the patent-pending system uses a new guide train with smaller mobility units and lower levels of freedom, which creates a more secure isolation and retreat. These innovations eliminate the need for complex hydraulic or pole points that are a failure mechanism in competitive equipment. Overall, SmartStop surpasses competitive line parking technologies in safe, secure, and critical asset protection.

As part of its launch, TEAM has begun distributing this new technology to customers and various operating systems in the United States. Email or visit our website at to learn more about the new proprietary exclusion technology or to talk to a subject matter specialist.

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