Greensville County School Board orders technology audit after cyber attack

At a school board meeting last week, Greenville County Public Schools approved a unique one-time technology audit to improve critical cyber security measures and support school staff.

This is in response to the school district’s cyber attack in mid-September 2021, which briefly knocked off GPSP’s online portal and telephone system offline. According to the cybersecurity blog data-, the culprit may have been a Russian-based roaming group called Griff – formerly known as Doppler Pimmer.

“Cyber ​​security is a reality,” said Dr. Kelvin Edwards, classroom supervisor. You need to be careful that you back up all your servers and that you have the best technology.

Millennium Enterprise is responsible for conducting the audit by IT consulting firm Fairfax. The group regularly visits the school grounds for the rest of the school year, with emphasis and telephone counseling.

Edwards reiterated at the meeting that he expects this to be a one-time affair, not a recurring one (or, indeed, hope).

At the same school board meeting, the board approved two more “health days” for students and staff, March 28 and April 15. Greenville County Schools will be closed on those days and programs will be updated accordingly.

“Healthy days” have gradually become more common as workers and students continue to bear the heavy burden of returning to work or school during the CVD-19 epidemic. The Greenville County Public Schools first scheduled health days on November 22 and 23, shortly before Thanksgiving.

The school board has approved special “thank you bonuses” for each Greenville County public school teacher and staff at the beginning of the spring break. Each full-time employee receives $ 500, while each part-time employee receives $ 300.

As of Monday night, there are 365 full-time employees and 51 part-time employees at GPSPS.


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