Great Manchester Tech 50 – How we compiled a list of our top regional companies

Business Live and Manchester Evening News The Great Manchester Tech 50 today, in partnership with title sponsor EY, showcases some of the city’s biggest companies.

We have officially announced companies that have completed the 50 to 41 level, and the rest of the list will be revealed next week.

Respecting the leading companies in the field – we will bring together industry experts to discuss the development of the digital and technology sectors and build our imaginary circular table set for Friday.

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There are often many ways to prepare such a list and readers may be surprised at the way they compile our own.

Here’s how we did it:

The MEN and EY list was compiled by the UK government using SIC codes for companies in the digital sector. As suggested by Tech Nation in the Development Forum . All the major Manchester-based companies that have posted exchange numbers in their accounts since August 2019 have been included in our first long list.

We wanted to make our list a big Manchester venue – so the companies included were only where the last company was located in the region.

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This has left a number of companies with significant presence in Manchester – but not the last parent. Above all, and among many others, Brother International Europe Limited, Aveva Group Plc.

Of course, there are many ways to evaluate the size and success of organizations. In our Tech 50, we have determined that rotation is the best method available. For example, the reason we did not choose a three-year turnaround is because many of the companies on our long list have not had complete figures for the past three years.

With a self-employed businessman – one of the city’s five tech unions – filling out our list, readers might wonder why the other four – Buhoho,, Gojo Group and On the Beach – weren’t.

Matthew Molding, CEO, The Hut Group

Let’s explain – this is because the latter is like a travel agent in a company. The other three go down as retailers.

In addition, I Startup Peak announced that it has raised $ 75 million in cash over the past two weeks with technology investor Softbank. However, the company is not included in the Tech 50 because these figures have not yet been posted in any of the accounts or companies.

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Where there are several connected companies, we take the group and eliminate the sub-companies.

Eventually, the search criteria suggested by Tech Nation brought businesses that EY felt were inconsistent with the list of technology companies – so we got rid of them as well. These include Prime Business Consulting, Doublestruck Ltd, Browns CTP and BIP Holdings.

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