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Grant provides support to community colleges that serve adult students

Dream and the Lumina Foundation A New Gift Opportunity focuses on community colleges that increase enrollment and achievement for adult students (age 25 and older), particularly for black, Latino, and Native American students. Priority Adult Community College Enrollment (PACCE) initiative will help increase the efforts of 20 institutions from October 2021 to May 2023.

In the two-part proposal process, each selected college receives technical support, such as personal feedback, open hours, individual training, and a monthly curriculum focused on behavioral design and enrollment efforts. Colleges will also be eligible for up to $ 75,000 to support adult student enrollment. In addition to its enrollment goals, the Gift Program aims to identify best practices and develop resources that share the field.

The main areas of evaluation listed by RFP include:

  • Evidence of strategies to increase adult enrollment in high-quality credit and / or non-credit programs;
  • Approaches to structural and process changes, organizational capacity, system improvement, service improvement, and enrollment efforts;
  • But the ideas of the inner covenant have not yet been fully corrected.
  • Knowledge of the needs of adults in the institutional community and responsiveness to address those needs; And
  • Technical support, additional financial resources, and opportunities for peer education through institutional efforts.

Monica Parish Trent, vice president of network engagement, said: “As open access institutions, our community colleges are critical to helping us enroll, re-enroll and re-enroll adult students.” “The recipients of this grant show that the colleges already have a deep understanding of the needs of adult students and include racial equality as a clear goal. This direct support will help accelerate, grow and sustain their efforts.”

Shawna Davis, Strategic Director of Community College Participation, added, “We are pleased to provide this opportunity to help more adults reach higher education. We need community colleges that have great ideas and want to move faster, faster, ”he said. Lumina Foundation.

The PACCE initiative is open to the public for two years at all 35 ethnic colleges and universities in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Institutions do not have to be an ATD network partner to apply. Applications are expected on September 17, 2021. Visit the ATD station for more information.

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