Google Play will bring Android games to PC in 2022

Google is bringing a collection of Android games to PC by 2022. The announcement was made at the 2021 The Game Awards 2021, and Google said that Windows users will soon be able to access hundreds of Android titles from their desktops, laptops and tablets.

The ability to use Android applications on computers is not new, as adapters such as Bluetooth make it easier to perform such tasks. Even Windows 11 has introduced a platform that allows users to install and run Android apps from the Amazon App Store. However, Google Play is currently developing a completely different game app that does not rely on simulation technologies.

In their statement with Verge“From 2022, players will be able to play their favorite Google Play games on a variety of devices. . ” Following the launch of the app on Windows, Greg plans to expand to other platforms as well.

Similar to Apple Arcade, the new Google Games app allows players to continue playing games on their PC, no matter where they left off. The app is only available on systems with Windows 10 or higher and does not include “game streaming.

Although cloud saving is enabled, users must download games on their hard drive.

Although the company is only launching games, we look forward to seeing other Android applications enter the Windows ecosystem. Most recently, streaming giant Netflix has partnered with Google Play to bring some licensed games to their app.

Netflix subscribers are now able to play titles for free, such as Stranger Things: 1984 and the recently released Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story.


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