Google – Paying Phone Makers gave Android a chance on Apple

Payment for phone makers to pre-install Google search only on their devices was not intended to prevent competition but was necessary to take over the market share of Android from Apple, Alphabet Google told the European High Court on Wednesday.

Google was speaking to the Supreme Court as it sought to release 4.3 billion euros ($ 3.7 billion) from the European Union’s anti-terrorism penalty and the European Commission’s search engine. Android devices.

The EU Competition Supervisor has caused problems with two agreements with telecom operators, one of which was the payment for pre-loading Google Search on their devices known as Revenue Sharing Programs (RSS) because they shut down their competitors.

Asimakis Komninos, a lawyer for the case, told the court that this was not the case and that the payments were already made to encourage mobile phone makers to make room for Android.

“Google had to provide undeniable revenue streams. Encouragement to persuade them to open and accept the Android platform. At the same time, RSS has also helped lower prices and make it more competitive with Apple. ”

And obviously, in return, Google was getting promotional opportunities, exclusive pre-install, which allowed it to invest in the free operating system, free app store and others.

In addition, RSS covers only 5% of the market, he said.

The commission’s attorney, Nicholas Khan, dismissed the claim.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Judgment may be given next year. The case is T-604/18 Google vs European Commission

($ 1 = 1,1714 euros)

Report by Fu Yun Chai; Edited by Ellen Hardkaka


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