Google may soon launch a Chromebook with its own CPUs

Google may soon launch a Chromebook with its own CPUs.

Google is reportedly working on its own notebooks and tablets for its own CPUs. This is because in recent times, major technology players have seen home chip development as the key to their competitiveness.

The US Internet giant plans to launch CPUs for laptops and tablets running the company’s Chrome operating system by 2023, three sources told Nicki Asia.

According to the report, Google has announced that it will be using home processing chips for the first time in the upcoming Pixel 6 series, and is stepping up its efforts to build mobile processors for Pixel phones and other devices.

Google’s growing focus on developing its own chips is when its global rivals use a similar strategy to identify their supply, the report said.

The new CPUs and mobile processors being upgraded by Google are based on the design of the chip chip, a UK-based UK chip company used by intellectual property in more than 90 percent of mobile devices around the world.

Separately, the company has high hopes for the Pixel 6 region and has asked suppliers to provide 50 percent more production capacity for mobile phones in 2019 compared to pre-epidemic levels.

Google In 2019, it sent more than 7 million pixels, the highest number, but next year, CVD-19 sent only 3.7 million, according to research firm IDC.

According to the report, Google told several vendors in recent meetings that it is looking at the potential for huge growth opportunities in the world market by using the Android operating system to build US smartphone makers.

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