Google has released a list of 2021 favorite Chrome extensions

At the end of this year, Google shared hand-picked Chrome extensions to “keep users in touch, do things, and have fun on the go”. Google divides the extensions into four categories according to their submissions. These include; Communicate and collaborate, be effective, actually learn and make changes (and save).

Here is everything you need to know about the list of Google Chrome extensions in 2021.

Communicate and collaborate

Google has selected three Chrome extensions as part of this category. Lom It aims to simplify the process of capturing videos and sharing them with others. The extension allows users to record videos on their screen, voice and face.

I’m dead Allows users to respond quickly by voice. Users can use the extension to add voice comments and audio to shared documents, works, emails and forms.

The company is listed Wordtune It will be one of your favorite choices in 2021. The extension can easily be used to communicate as it repeats sentences and typographical errors in email and documents.

Be effective

Google says it has selected extensions that offer new ways to stay focused and efficient as part of this category. The forestIt is an extension that inspires users and increases productivity by using virtual tree planting and rewards.

The company is listed Dark Reader To be one of your favorite Chrome extensions. Dark Reader is to protect your eyes and reduce stress by applying a dark theme to the web pages you visit on Chrome. Users can adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode and more.

There is also Tab Admin PlusAn extension that allows users to view all active tabs at a glance.

Users who are interested in finding a tool to click screenshots and copy their screens can see. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder. The extension allows you to take screenshots and record content on the screen.

Learn correctly

As part of the ‘Practical Learn’ category, Google cites extensions that provide user-friendly virtual classroom tools. Top choices include Kami, Helps users create an interactive online learning space. The device allows teachers and students to collaborate instantly.

Users can also use. Enter education Chrome extension, easy to take notes. The device can even be paired with the Google segment. Tucan It is said to make the process “similar and exciting”.

Includes the last extension that is part of this category Memories. The extension can be used to quickly organize vocabulary into flashcard decks.

Make (and save) some changes

If you want to promote personal touch on your browsing experience, you can download it. Style. Using the extension, you can build and install custom themes and skins for your favorite websites to visit more often.

Google also lists the list. Rakuton Part of this category extension. The device can be used to automatically search for offers and get coupons on the web when shopping online.


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