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On February 1, 2022, Google announced the release of its new stable version of Chrome 98. Chrome follows a 4-week release schedule for stable channel releases.

The latest release of Chrome introduces support for the controversial keyboard 97 API. Many other browsers, including Mozilla and Apple, have announced that they will not support APIs on their browsers (Firefox and Safari).

Chrome users who run the stable version of the browser can check the installed version by selecting Menu> Help> About Google Chrome. The browser displays the installed version and checks for updates when the page opens. The new version should automatically launch and install after the download is complete.

Chrome 98 is a security update that fixes 27 personal security issues in the browser. The weight of all security issues is high, second only to critical. You will find full security updates on the Chrome Release Blog.

Chrome 98 Stable

Behavior: Wisdom is not much to say when it comes to the latest version of Google Chrome. The Chrome Platform mode lists 10 features with 98 miles. Most changes are only for web developers. A change will remove support for SDS key exchange methods from WebRTC because it “exposes session keys to JavaScript” and will allow attackers to “decrypt the media sent over the connection”.

Chrome 98 is the first stable browser version to implement COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts, which replaces the Google Note emoji font. Google Notes

COLRv1 allows smaller emoji files, up to the size of a color vector font that can be used on the web as an emoji font.

Apple’s webcast team has announced a list of ten things it dislikes for Google and the only thing it likes about Google proposals will not be implemented in Safari.

Chrome 98 developer tools will change

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in Chrome Developer Tools

  • Preview Feature Deleting a Full Page Accessibility Tree (Elements> Accessibility> Enable Full Page Access Tree).
  • Code changes to the changes are now “very published”.
  • Adjust expiration settings in the registry for one step or all.
  • Simulate back and forth cache function (App> Backward Cache).
  • New Properties Panel Filter.
  • Imitate CSS mandatory color media feature.
  • Show buyers hovering (Settings> Show buyers).
  • Row-reversal and column-reverse support.
  • Play XHR again with keyboard shortcut r.
  • Keyboard shortcut to expand all search results
    • Windows / Linux – Ctrl + Shift + {or}
    • MacOS – Cmd + Options + {or}
  • Lighthouse 9 is now in use.
  • Sources panel stability improvements.
  • Experimental Reporting API implemented (Settings> Test).

You will find more details on the developer Chrome website.


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Here’s what’s new in Google Chrome 98 Stable

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Google Chrome 8 released its new stable web browser version on February 1, 2022.


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