Global Technology Company is set to acquire its headquarters in Mid America Industrial Park.

An international technology company plans to make the Mid America Industrial Park in Premer a new North American headquarters.

The company is investing in 100 hectares of land and purchasing electricity from the Grand River Dam Authority.

The company will launch two news conferences on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Oklahoma City Capitol and 2O 30 Industrial Park.

Authorities say Kevin Stewart, other government officials and the park’s head, David Stuart, will speak at news conferences.

Officials declined to name the company, but said Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stit had no connection with the giant, which was trying to lure the state last month.

Wednesday’s announcement will continue the economic activity of the Central American Industrial Park.

Electric Vehicle Launcher Cano announced last year that it plans to build a “mega micro factory” for multi-purpose vehicles in Maes County Park.

That investment is valued at $ 482.6 million and is planned to create 1,500 jobs in Premier, according to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

TIFs are economic tools used to promote economic development. It allows government agencies to use some of the property taxes generated in the district to invest in the district’s infrastructure, which encourages private investment.

Stuart predicted $ 5 billion to $ 6 billion in the first five years of private investment in TIF, which is covered by a government decree within 25 years.

Central American Industrial Park was the site of the U.S. government producing black flour during World War II. It now covers 9,000 acres and supports about 80 companies, including the giant search engine Google.


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