Global Automotive Transmission and Clutch Technology Overview and Forecast Report 2021-2036 –

Dublin:Business Wire) – “Automotive Transmission and Clutch Technologies: Global Sector Overview and Forecast Up to 2036 (Q2 2021 Update)”’s Presenting.

This report provides an overview of global OI distributions and clutch sectors, major suppliers, major markets, technology trends and market forecasts.

The global distribution market has changed rapidly in recent years. The more efficient requirements for fuel in particular have led to significant fluctuations in the global transmission market. This variability is reflected in the number of transmissions available and the number of front gears installed. These general trends are still tied to the various constituencies in the following routes.

A general global trend in the field of transmission is the automatic transmission of gear shifts, even in Europe, which has been a last resort in mature markets. The view in Europe has long been that manual transmission – in good hands – is more of a gear shift than a Torter automatic.

With the advent of dual-clutch DCs, it is no longer challenging the long-held perception that they are conventional hand-held transmitters, introducing lock-in switches, additional ratios, and more sophisticated electronics. There are very efficient systems.

They are also now more efficient than automated transmissions, whether they are in the form of a steering wheel or DCT, and are more likely to multiply test drive cycles that generate fuel economy or CO2 levels. In the real world when switching is automatic. Finally, urbanization and related high traffic congestion are introducing the criteria for greater car comfort and convenience that can provide automatic transmission.

The macroeconomic situation in each market determines how fast the fleet markets change and the types of transfers required in each market. As the price of oil increases, so will the pressure on automotive companies to reduce fuel consumption by developing all electric or hybrid power plants or improving their internal efficiency. Combustion engine and conventional transmissions.

Transmission development is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the fuel economy of their ships compared to the adoption of advanced combustion technology. This plays a growing role in our minds as a stop-start, in all modes of transmission, because of the low cost of 3 to 10% for fuel economy improvements.


  • Coupling and market size data for automotive OE transmissions (manual, automatic manual, automatic, dual clutch, continuous variable).

  • Evaluation of the latest technological advances and market trends (traditional, uninterrupted, unchanging, dual-clutch, manual, automatic, hybrid, clutch management systems, disconnect clutch).

  • Exclusive interviews with OE providers and VMS, including Land Rover, Torotrak, Camcon Automotive, Mazda, ZF Friedrichshafen, BorgWarner.

  • Up-to-date profiles of major automotive delivery providers, including their strategies and promises.

  • Sector PESTER (Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Supervisory) Analysis.

Reasons to buy

  • Get a quick overview of the automotive broadcast worldwide.

  • Understand the size and scope of high markets.

  • Listen directly to management companies on their strategies and plans.

  • Review the latest and most significant technological advances.

  • Follow the key trends in the sector and what is driving them.

  • Identify opportunities and risks in the automotive transportation sector.

  • Prepare supply and demand forecasts.

  • Keep track of key companies’ activities and promises.

  • Produce internal sales plans and forecasts.

  • Practice competitive thinking.

Covered Topics:

1. Major trends in the sector


  • Political

  • Economic

  • Social

  • Technological

  • Local

  • Supervisor

3. Companies

4. Predictions

  • AMTs – Automatic manual transmissions

  • Automated broadcasts

  • CVTs – Continuous-Variable Transmissions

  • DCTs – Dual clutch transmissions

  • Electrical transmission

  • Manual transmissions

5. Markets

  • Clutch market overview

  • Overview of the transmission market

6. Technologies

  • Clutch technologies

  • Transmission technologies

7. Transmission source patterns

  • Examples of external transmission supply designs

  • Domestic and foreign suppliers

  • Market shares for external supply

8. Appendix

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