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The global agricultural technology-as-service market is expected to reach $ 3,031.1 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 24.42% over the 2021-2026 forecast.

The growth in the market is due to the increasing pressure from the governing body to agricultural automation and digitization.

Agricultural Technology-as-Service

Agricultural Technology: A business model that allows customers to purchase the agricultural technologies (tools or software) they need as a single service at a variety of affordable prices.

Two of the most popular pricing models under Agricultural Technology-as-Service are PPU and subscription models. Agricultural technology-as-a-service business models offer manufacturers some features such as easy upgrade and upgrade, convenient access, fast deployment and reliable data backups.

Effect of Covidy-19

Agricultural Technology: The supply chain for most industries around the world has been affected by the CVD-19 epidemic, including the service industry. The supply chain of the agricultural industry was disrupted during the CVD-19 epidemic.

During the Covd-19 epidemic, agricultural production was disrupted, reducing income generation. This has prevented farmers from investing in modern agricultural equipment.

Market division

Agricultural technology-as-a-service market by type of service

The global agricultural technology-as-a-service market in the service-type product segment is expected to be software-as-a-service. The huge market share and growth potential associated with software-as-technologies technologies in the agricultural industry is expected to drive the global agricultural technology-as-a-service market.

Agricultural Technology-as-Service Market in Technology

The global agricultural technology-as-a-service market in the technology production sector is expected to be dominated by data analysis and intelligence solutions. Data analysis solutions have the potential to increase agricultural productivity and are expected to drive agricultural technology as a service market.

Agricultural Technology-as-Service Market in Application

The global agricultural technology-as-a-service market in the application segment is expected to dominate production control and mapping. The huge market share and growth potential associated with product monitoring and mapping is expected to drive global agricultural technology as a service market.

Agricultural Technology-as-Service Market in the Region

North America is expected to generate the highest revenue by 2020. The region’s large market share is attributed to the use of automation and control systems in most countries and the increase in the adoption of smart farming practices. Agricultural Technology-as-Service. North America’s agricultural technology-as-a-service market forecast is expected to grow slightly with a CAGR of 21.93%.

Recent developments in the agricultural technology-as-a-service market

  • In March 2021, Cincinnati announced that it would relocate its North American Crop Protection headquarters in Greensbrough, North Carolina.

  • In July 2020, DeHaat launched a franchise model to expand its business in East India. In this model, the company, in collaboration with small rural enterprises, buys agricultural inputs from companies such as Bayer Crop Science and sells them to farmers at a distance of 3-6 km.

  • A.D. In November 2019, AGCO Corporation announced the launch of Edgewood, Md.

  • In April 2019, CLAS KGaA mbH opened its new certification center for new agricultural machinery at Harcewinkel.

Covered key topics:

1 markets

1.1 Industrial Perspective

1.1.1 Pricing Models Packed in one acre Passport / Service Percentage of achievement The product component for sale

1.1.2 Break-Even Analysis Introduction Rest-even analysis components Rest-Even Analysis Calculation Case studies

1.1.3 Advanced Solutions Agriculture Robot-As-Service (ARA) Agriculture Drone-as-Service (ADaaS)

1.1.4 Government Initiative Landscape

1.2 Business Variable

1.2.1 Business Drivers Increasing global food demand Increased productivity leads to increased food production For real agricultural economic needs Use of modern technologies in agriculture Manpower reduction in the agricultural sector

1.2.2 Business Tests Lack of proper infrastructure such as roads, internet and network connections Cyber ​​and online data security Huge subscription costs work as a challenge Lack of technical awareness of farmers and reluctance to accept

1.2.3 Business Strategies Product Development Market Development Others

1.2.4 Organizational Strategies Integration and Purchase Partnership, Collaboration and Joint Venture

1.2.5 Business Opportunities Economic Growth in Agricultural Services Increasing investment in the agricultural technology sector The growing trend of agriculture as a service in India Increasing market opportunities in developing countries Cloud security has increased.

2 application

2.1 Global Agricultural Technology-as-Service Market (Application)

2.1.1 Product Map and Monitoring

2.1.2 Soil Management

2.1.3 Crop Health Monitoring

2.1.4 Navigation and layout

2.1.5 Others

2.2 Global Agricultural Technology-As-Service Market Demand Analysis (Application)

3 products

3.1 Global Agricultural Technology-As-Service Market (by product)

3.1.1 Global Agricultural Technology-As-Service Market (by type of service) Software-as-a-service Tools-as-Service

3.1.2 Global Agricultural Technology-As-Service Market (Technology) Data Analysis and Intelligence Guide Technology Sensing Technology Flexible Rate Application Technology Others

3.2 Global Agricultural Technology-as-Service Market Demand Analysis (by product)

3.2.1 Global Agricultural Technology: Analysis of Needs as a Service Market (by type of service)

3.2.2 Global Agricultural Technology: Analysis of Needs as a Service Market (Technology)

4 regions

5 Markets – Competitive Benchmarking and Company Profiles

5.1 Competitive Benchmarking

5.2 Company Profiles

  • 365FarmNet GmbH

  • Accenture plc

  • AGCO Corporation

  • Agreles, Inc.

  • Agrivi

  • Airbus SAS

  • AT&T Inc.

  • Ceres Imaging Inc.

  • CLAS Team

  • CNH Industrial NV

  • Cropln Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

  • Deer & Company

  • DeHaat

  • Fujitsu Ltd.

  • Harvest Automation Inc.

  • Hexagon farming

  • IBM Corporation

  • Intertech Group Plc

  • Kubota Corporation

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Neo Technologies

  • Nutrien AgSolutions, Inc.

  • Paro S.A.

  • Pixhawk

  • Precision Hawk Inc.

  • Raven Industries Inc.

  • Robert Bosch GmbH

  • SGS S.A.

  • Small robot company

  • Syngenta AG

  • SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd

  • Taranis

  • Teejet Technologies

  • Tokon Corporation

  • Trimble Inc.

  • Yanmar Co. Ltd.

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