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The estimate was perfect: August 15, 2021, India’s 75th Independence Day, India’s electric vehicle revolution promised 1,947 rubles – not a coincidence. As an introduction, a Bangalore-based EV startup seems to be in its infancy. Again, the most intriguing headlines from the announcement: the best e-scooters range, the largest e-scooters battery, the fastest e-scooters. All this at Rs 1,09,999.

But while the history of a product built from scratch that improves all visitors’ visitors cannot be measured, a series of simple energy mistakes can buy buyers confidence in their beginnings. There is a risk of injury.

Details change secret

It is clear from the beginning that SimpleOne is using the first scooter to attract buyers. Simply put, performance is one of the key areas of focus, and electric scooters provide the speed to beat competitors. July 9Suhas Rajkumar, founder and CEO of Light Energy, quotes 3.2 seconds. On top of that, this represents SimpleOne 0-40kph, which is faster than the Ather450X.

The Light Energy website and the printed brochure ranged from 0 to 40 km / h in 3.05 seconds, but the approach changed that number to 2.95 seconds.

Shortly before the announcement, Light Energy’s website upgraded dramatically from 0-40 km / h to 3.05 seconds. This is also a diagram presented to the journalists present at the publication of the pamphlet. But in its own showroom, Rajkumar is the fastest in just 2.95 seconds.

The second difference of one tenth may seem negligible, but in this case there is a difference. Simple one a few hours before the announcement, Ora announces S1 expert electric scooter speed off 0-40 km / h, for 3 seconds. A simple 2.95 second claim can take the title of the fastest scooter sold in India. The “Latest Info” website was updated quickly to reflect the new numbers after the announcement. Tech 2..

The maximum output of the Simple One engine was for some time before and after 7 kW.

Then there is the issue of outcome. Before one (and for a while) announcement, the Simple station noted that the e-scooter’s maximum motor output was rated at 7 kV. However, at the launch event, Rajkumar said SimpleOne will have 8.5kW. Visually, just a few hours before the announcement, the OlaS1 was also launched at a maximum engine output of 8.5 kW. Tech 2, Rajkumar turned this unusual situation into a “third party” typewriter.

Other unusual features are the size of the rear disc brakes (which was described as a 190mm unit at the time of the announcement, but later changed to 180mm, the same size as the OlaS1) and “inside”. At the time, Rajkumar’s claim was included. The Ola S1’s 36-liter storage tank is larger than 30 gallons, so it’s not exactly accurate.

SimpleOne Display Vine and Registration is Ather450X Image - Over-Driving

Easy One Display VIN and Registration is for Ather 450X property sold earlier this year. Image Overdrive

Identity crisis

On August 15, SimpleOne was running only the preview version of the software that the buyer would see in the prototype stage. However, the display scooter 7.0-inch screen showed the Ather 450X vehicle ID (VIN) and registration number sold and registered earlier this year. Rajkumar also referred to this as a “technical failure”. This is an error that does not need to be reviewed. However, as seen in many walking videos on the vehicle, this error does not seem to be resolved immediately.

Sentence change

Wang’s announcement told reporters at the event that the event would begin in October or November. However, the light energy production facility in Hossur – Tweet Early August – Not ready, good until it works. According to Rajkumar, Easy is now planning to start production by the end of the year. This means that those who have already booked the scooter can only expect to be born in early 2022.

Hossur's light energy production facility is still a long way off.  Image - Suhas Rajkumar via Twitter

The two-square-foot production facility in Hossur still takes some time to release directly. Image – by Suhas Rajkumar Twitter

The scooter itself does not appear to be fully developed. It says simple is a touch of completion for one, Tech 2 I learned from the journalists at the meeting that the scooter had a technical problem at the beginning of the media trip. Invited media were asked not to review the prototype model or to compare it with existing electric scooters. So the media has one and the go-kart track but did not provide the first driving review. Work experience.

Rajkumar confirmed to the client that the scooter is in control of the cruise ship, but now he says one thing

Rajkumar has confirmed to customers that the scooter has control over the ship, but says there is one “incorrect” control system.

Aura Electric has introduced ship control on the S1 Pro Electric Scooter. There is no need for a two-wheeler, but buyers want to know that in most cases it is easier to say I am equal to or better than Aura. , That too. Many are thrilled to learn that he has a simple ship. This is already confirmed by Rajkumar. Twitter We answer customer questions. But Rajkumar now has an “incorrect” ship control and customers do not use it much, so they are confident that the finished product will offer the same. No.

“It’s not really a shipwreck. It is a mixture of things, not really a highlight for us. It’s just a feature. It is not our place of sale. Customers. I do not want to use it. I don’t know if it’s there because I’m working on an OTA update. I don’t know if we are involved in this, but we are working on it. You need to talk to your team when you have a shipwreck issue. ”

Tweet, delete, repeat

Rajkumar has become very active on social media platforms Twitter For the Simple One ad, he gave information about the company’s virgin products and threw a thin-walled jib during the competition. This simply means that anyone with an interest will pay attention to the updates, but an in-depth investigation will not give way to mistakes. Rajkumar promised to announce it later on August 18, but then rescheduled the first Twitter post on August 19 at 6 p.m. Many people realize that the second Twitter is a full and detailed release date, but in reality it is the only one that appears and Rajkumar will later delete Twitter as well. Determined.

Rajkumar has simply removed the tweets associated with one-on-one advertising, creating mistrust in buyers' minds.

Rajkumar has removed tweets related to simple one-list advertising (including both shown here), creating distrust in buyers’ minds.

As promised, Rajkumar shared a Twitter post on August 19 at 6pm, citing the announcement in mid-September for “SimpleOne” important details. This Twitter was also later created.

S. Tweet Designed to answer buyers’ questions about a simple battery and vehicle warranty, it was supported by a number of followers. Easy 3-year vehicle and battery warranty combined. This is similar to what Ether Energy offers on the 450X, less than the 8-year battery life warranty provided by the RV400 Motors on RV400 electric bikes.

Rahel Pradz, who lives in Bangalore, was one of the many admired fans. As a motorcycle driver, Prasad himself wanted to switch to an electric motorcycle. Surprised by the statements, I asked my wife, brothers, and sisters to take a simple e-scooter. After the company’s statement changed from time to time, I mailed the order to the company to cancel the order and return the full amount.

“I really want to support an Indian company, but I was upset about the imbalance on Twitter. [Rajkumar] I said everything is on the website, but the website has only the most basic details. Why should customers ask questions about their products? Shouldn’t you have a flyer with all the details and specifications on your website? The words he has chosen are not going well. All of this has a negative effect on the client’s mind, ”says Prasd.

According to Simple Energy, SimpleOne has already collected more than 30,000 pre-orders

Prasd Ora S1, which recently parted ways with McDera Mojo, wants to get S1 and has no plans to revisit a simple one. However, he says he needs a little more time to see how it goes. Things come out for easy labor.

“You can buy simple, but it takes a while. Wait, watch, watch the first customer reviews, and you can get it until June next year. It may seem strange, but part of the relationship is too late. Some people say that the other freedom seems to be a scam. This is very bad and should not happen to the new company, ”he added.

The potential for electric scooters cannot be underestimated, but in light of the harsh realities of the earth, the target product seems to be in high demand at this stage. As they continue their plans, Big Kumar and his team need to be corrected to prevent communication failures. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing potential customers to potential motorcycle brands.

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