Get an education from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Spring ’22


NJIT speech poster courtesy.

Architect in progress. Get an education As the series continues to adapt to physical and virtual academic events, it demonstrates the visual competence of each institution and highlights the discourse and event program given in architecture schools. Following the spring 2222 series, we take a closer look at the latest public programs at Hilliard College of Architecture and Design (NJIT HCAD), New Jersey Institute of Technology.

According to NJIT HCAD, “This spring, the current series of talks by Kelly Hatzell and John Case will once again focus on ‘Design as Research’, with speakers giving a glimpse of what their work means in terms of creativity and innovation. Transformation, Art, Science “

On February 7, the school received Nina Cook John from Studio Cook John. A.D. 29–31, The school’s eCLAD symposium will be the front and center. Summary of a series of lessons presented by Graham’s architect Andrew Walley on the design show.

Click here for more details on their Spring 22 series. All talks will be held in person at the school’s Weston Alumni Hall.

A.D. If you missed any of the Architect’s latest architecture talk posters for all 20 spring and fall terms, click here.

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