German scientist launches space space test

The German prosecutor said he had shared information with Moscow about the European Aryan space rocket program.

A Russian scientist working at a German university has been arrested for plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, according to German prosecutors.

The indictment alleges that Ilnur N was charged with conspiracy to commit felony criminal mischief.

Ilnur, who worked at the Bavarian University, filed a complaint with Russia’s foreign intelligence service, SVR, in 2019.

“It has disseminated information on research projects in the field of aerospace technology, in particular the European start-up Aryans,” he said.

The European Space Agency’s Aryan program includes a series of transport rockets designed to transport heavy loads into space, including satellites.

According to the prosecutor, Elnur will hold “regular meetings” with the Russian Foreign Ministry in Germany in late November 2019.

He is accused of accepting ,500 2,500 ($ 2,800) in cash in exchange for sharing information, and has detailed information on scientific research conducted by an unnamed Bavarian university.

During the PF50 tests, the Vulcain 2 rocket for the Arian 5 rocket stopped at the Arian Group station in Vernon, France. [File: Eric Piermont/AFP]

Ilnur was arrested last June on suspicion of spying for Moscow.

The prosecutor said he worked as a research assistant at the university’s natural sciences and technology department.

The issue comes at a time of heightened tensions between Germany and Russia over fears that Western powers are planning to invade Ukraine.

Germany has recently seen cases of Russian spying on its territory.

A.D. In October 2021, a German man was employed by a security company and sentenced to two years in prison for passing the floor plan of a Russian parliament building to Russia.

In August, a former British embassy staffer in Berlin was arrested on suspicion of passing Russian intelligence documents.

Germany has repeatedly accused Russia of spying.


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