FUJIFILM launches Sonosite Sonosite LX

A.D. Improved, real-time supplier collaboration with larger clinical picture and spreadsheet, rotation and tilt display. Clinical display provides touch screen controls to streamline workflow, allowing clinicians to keep their eyes on the image as they adjust.

Designed for use with Sonosite LX and Sonosite PX, the company has launched a new T8-3 transesophageal transducer and cardiac resuscitation scanner to help medical professionals use transesophageal ultrasound (TEU) in the care area.

“Sonosite LX is inspired and designed with clinical partners, focusing on ultrasound evolutionary pathways at any time where it can support four times the purpose of care,” said Rich Fabian, President and COO, Fujifilm Sonosite. “This initiative reflects the ongoing commitment to provide advanced technology to medical professionals and their patients, supported by a world-class service environment, support and education.”

Sonosite LX Care Point Ultrasound System

The Sonosite LX has a large, adjustable 21.3-inch clinical display that can be stretched, rotated and tilted to accommodate a variety of clinical areas near the bed. Increases the system’s small footprint and customizable display collaboration, allowing real-time images and information to be shared with patients, other clinics, residents and other hospital staff.

The system is designed to incorporate primary and secondary study controls into the clinical touch screen – including fast access to the most widely used enhancements such as depth, benefits and dimensions – to provide a doctor-friendly head-up workflow. Sonosite LX is compatible with a family of redesigned translators with test-type imaging and workflow optimization solutions initiated by Sonosite PX.

Type of cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of natural death in the US American College of Emergency Medicine guidelines transesophageal echocardiogram The emergency physician allows ultrasound to record heart rate, transthoracic echocardiogram is very limited. . In TEU patients can use more accurate and efficient chest compressions while being evaluated by ultrasound, which makes the response to a heart attack more effective. Clinics need to act quickly to prevent imaging, so having the right equipment and heart rate can be crucial.1,2

Fujifilm Sonosite has developed a new type of cardiac resuscitation test to address this need, starting with the POCUS Doctors-Leaders Awareness and Sonosit Strength Care Ultrasound Category.

Fujifilm Sonosite T8-3 Transsophage Ultrasound (TEU)

In response to the specified customer demand, Sonosit developed the T8-3 transistor, allowing clinics to provide TEU with care.

  • Enabling repetitive cardiac imaging regardless of patient condition or body habits.
  • Lightweight handle and flexible rod for easy cheating and easy to insert.
  • Low power consumption allows heat to be maintained during monitoring over time.
  • FUJIFILM Sonosite delivers superior image clarity.

Abbott Northwest Minneapolis recently purchased six T8-3 carriers to help with heart failure throughout their hospital.

“If transcutaneous imaging windows are inadequate during patient resuscitation and the patient can be used without any space in the hospital,” said Dr. David Tierni, the programmer said, “we would like to provide our doctors with a heart and lung scanner.” Director, Abbot North West Hospital Internal Disease Program, Alina Health Department. “This information will help our rehabilitation team make quick and life-saving decisions right next to the bed and further improve the traumatic and traumatic outcomes for our patients.”

The Sonosite LX, T8-3 Transducer and Cardiac Resuscitation test kits are now commercially available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, with plans to launch in the future in Canada, Europe, China and Japan. Visit this website to learn more about Fujifilm Portfolio POCUS Solutions.

Like all Sonosite care ultrasound systems, the Sonosite LX is built on the proven standards of durability, reliability and ease of use. Ultrasound translators are tested to a height of one meter and the work surface is closed for easy cleaning and pest control.

1 A systematic review of the value of ultrasound point care during cardiac arrest

2 point: POCUS ultrasound for heart stimulation

For more information, visit www.sonosite.com

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