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To improve traffic safety and make vehicles safer, Union Minister for Road Traffic and Highway Nietzsche told Indian car manufacturers about all the variations of each model, regardless of body type or class. We asked for at least 6 air bags as standard. In a meeting with the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association (CIM), Gakari discussed the prospect of increasing airbags for all vehicles on sale and the introduction of flexible fuel vehicles next year. ..

Today, I met with the Chief Executive Officer of CIA (Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association) in New Delhi. The need for rapid deployment of Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFV) that can run on 100% ethanol and gasoline in India. The car market will be in a year. “

For the safety of passengers, I urge all private car manufacturers to impose at least six airbags on all vehicle variations and parts. ”

Currently, most vehicles sold in India for more than 10 rubles offer at least 6 airbags in a wide variety of variations. However, most vehicles at the end of the sector budget come with up to two airbags. All vehicles sold in India require at least two airbags after August 31, 2021. Most models, including the most affordable cars on the market today, already have two airbags. The requirements for the two airbags have recently become mandatory. Prior to that, vehicles without airbags were introduced.

According to the official statement, the SIAM delegation also called for a postponement of future release regulations such as BS6 Phase 2, CAFÈ Phase 2 and OBD to motorcycles.

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