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I remember when the ban was first introduced in March 2020, I did not have a computer. My office laptop stayed in the office and I had an iPad, which became my default computer and video calling device. And some phones that can run the fast-growing video conference app bus. That was good at the time, but I quickly realized that phones and tablets were not the best way to communicate with customers, co-workers, and co-workers. Combining polycom and plantronics, Poly has doubled the traditional video conference solutions and brought more customized collections to the WFH public. I use one of them, the PolyP5 Studio Kit.

Poly P5 Studio Kit. Image: Tech 2 / Tushar Berman

Kit – Amazing Bluetooth headset and webcam

Let’s face it – most people don’t know how to say no. You occasionally Zoom in Turn on the camera, press a button on your shirt and call home with the door closed. They are more likely to turn off the camera, turn on the microwave, and whip up the forgotten tea on the stove. The Poly P5 Studio Kit we tested includes a PLT (formerly Plantonics) 4220 USB Bluetooth headset and a P5 USB webcam. They can be found as a variety of products, but they are clearly designed to work together. For example, headphones come with wireless computer mice and small dolls commonly found on keyboards. Anyway, it connects the camera to a free USB-A port, so you don’t have to block another port for your headset. At the back of the camera is a port that stores the camera well and covers it from view. This is a simple and elegant solution that uses only one port on your computer.

P5 Camera – This is not your medium laptop webcam

P5 Studio cameras are not as advanced as other poly products, but they are better than what you find on your Windows laptop. Image: Tech 2 / Tushar Berman

If you choose between bad sound and bad video, choose bad video. Even when video is available, voice clarity is essential for communication. Thank you, you do not have to make a choice with this camera. P5 Studio cameras are not as advanced as other poly products, but they are better than what you find on your Windows laptop. It is an item with a slightly different look and a well thought out design. The adhesive system is simple and stays in place during the collision. The clip is attached to the camera via a magnet, and you can easily pull it out to see the standard triangular thread for added flexibility. The rubber padding makes the camera safe for the controller to easily lighten the face.

The image quality is particularly good, especially compared to laptop webcams, and easily better than most selfie cameras on the phone. Resolution and frame rate is limited to 1080p / 30fps, which is enough for video calls. The typical webcam is less vague and cheap. The contrast is strong and the exposure is good. Self-focus, your face is clear and you do not need to focus except in dark areas. I was amazed at the image quality, even with dim room lighting, but it is better to have something bright around your desk to keep things clear and not focus too much. This is more likely to be annoying than any other light bulb. Image quality issues I use P5 Studio Nvidia Broadcast The app, which adds background blur and auto-frame by default, gave excellent results. My co-worker often talks about how beautiful the video is. Like my webcam, I usually use a high-speed lens without a mirror, but the P5 size, comfort and design make it the new default.

Another practical feature of the P5 Studio webcam is the privacy window. By default, the camera lens is covered. Rotate the edge of the lens in a 30-degree angle to reveal the lens. There is a popular LED on the top that turns off / turns red on / off when the camera is turned off. When the camera reaches “On”, the edge is clearly clicked. Again, this is a beautiful and practical solution to make your camera work only when you need it.

Voyager 4220 UC Headset – practical and professional, but the suitability may vary

There is one for headphones, so I wanted to try the Voyager 4220UC that came with this kit. It also includes a desktop charger that connects via USB and recharges your headphones. Because they are professional, they are Bluetooth headphones and can be used to listen to music on mobile devices, but the focus is on sound clarity.

Image: Tech 2 / Tushar Berman

The sound quality is good, and the bass is a bit heavy, but the music in the can is also comfortable. Image: Tech 2 / Tushar Berman

The actual headset has a dual-noise boom microphone for clear transmission. I did not hear any complaints from my colleagues about the conference call. Not surprisingly, the podcast microphone was clearer, but more noisy. Boom mix may seem awkward in video, but they are a great solution for sound clarity, especially if you work from home.

The headset is also suitable Microsoft Groups, Zoom in And other popular video conference software. Behind the big headset is a large orange key that acts as a group and a “mute” key without any additional drivers or software. It works. You can also store the boom microphone in a vertical position. This will automatically mute the headset. Clean!

The sound quality is good, and the bass is a bit heavy, but the music in the can is just as comfortable. Headphones Earbuds are kind of “on the ear.” That is, it does not wear on the outer ear and completely covers the ear like a “over-the-ear” tin. This is useful if you want to know your surroundings to some extent, but it has been found to be inconvenient to use headphones. It does not cause pain and fever, but it is very unstable in my head. I feel that polite activity can cause the headset to fall off my head. Not yet, but it is happening on other headphones I have used. Ergonomically, the 4220UC is slightly missing. The design of the headrest and headphones allows the cup to fit into my ear, but at a far greater angle. And for some reason the right ear pad has more joints than the left, so the right is more comfortable.

The headset may be the most well-designed docking station. The headset to the right of the headset has a hollow socket that plugs into the docking station to recharge the battery. The dock has a multi-colored LED indicating the charging status of the headset. The dock is reasonably hard to stay in place and the headset is easy and easy to get out of.

Judgment – Careful but expensive

PolyP5 Studio Kit is a practical and practical package that ensures a certain level of professionalism in online communication. Avoiding common background noise and making sure your views are at least acceptable can help you with caution. In fact, I think a little lazy when someone is seen in prison with a magnifying glass or a tin of biscuits on his head. Or all three. The P5 Studio Kit eliminates these pitfalls, but costs 24,600 rubles. This is expensive for Bluetooth headphones and webcams, so you need to pay attention to your voice and appearance to slide the card. In my case, I get a basic desktop USB microphone, skip the headset and turn it on for my webcam. There are valuable image quality components on the market.

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