Fossil’s New Smart Watch Review – Bang Your Bank?

Fossil Gen 5E: 18,495 rubles



  • Great purchase for less than 20,000 rubles

  • It looks like a premium

  • Great user interface

  • Small size (42 mm) available

Have you noticed people’s wrists recently? Expensive watches and jewelry have been replaced by modern, practical smart watches and fitness bands. Gone are the days when you longed for high-end hours or shiny diamonds. Now, it has been replaced by a little “leg” as I call it. Everyone is watching the action!

For all wallet options in the market, Frittle offers its Gen 5E smartwatch, the latest addition to the Geni 5 smartwatch. The company says it is “more affordable” at 18,495 rubles. Although this is more expensive than many other brands for less than 10,000 rubles, let’s see if this new watch is a great clue to your bank.

How does it look?

No one buys a watch that promises to the world but is confusing. Fossil Gen 5E comes in two sizes, 44mm and 42mm. I was tied with a small pink band of 42 mm. The glitter around the crown only adds a nice touch if you get into bleeding, otherwise stop reading this review because if you are not bloodthirsty, you will not be interested at this time.

The 1.19-inch AMOLED touch screen provides plenty of real-time viewing notifications and the display does not allow for complaints even in bright daylight. What I miss is the rotating crown of the most expensive Fossil smartwatch.

My favorite premium watch is the thin bezels. Bending is simple and easy and does not weigh your wrists.

Tip: If you use it during exercise, trim the beautiful metal straps and choose the silicone straps you need to buy separately. Maybe, the brand should have been dropped in pairs in the box?

How does it work?

Before I get into the list of nausea behaviors and details, let’s be clear, they use this to keep track of exercise and health metrics with some notifications because most smartphone users do. The processor here is probably a little older than Snapdragon to save costs and that shouldn’t always be a bad thing. The watch is responsive and fast with most tasks without delay. The user interface is easy to practice only if you are a Google WearOS user.

As a person who sticks with her Apple Watch, I had some problems switching to Google WearOS, but when I see the huge price difference between iOS and WearOS gadgets, no one can complain.

What I found surprisingly short of COVID-19 years was the lack of a SPO2 or blood-oxygen sensor. About 19,000 rubles, the fossil had to add this feature to the presentation bag.

Can you keep track of your fitness goals?

Well, by hitting that 10K step count, you can easily keep track of daily activities, especially if you are. But keep in mind that, no matter what the repair time of the smartwatch, always lower the action count! You will need to sync the watch with the Google Fitness app for sleep analytics, heart rate, heart health and health analysis.

Is the watch free of smartphones? Yes and no. You can receive calls on time, but the sound quality is not good.

There is some good news: This watch is non-slip, so feel free to run in the rain.

How long does it last?

Fossil does not say much about the battery life of the watch, except that it comes with modern battery modes to extend the use of the watch. So, like all modern watches, it depends on your usage. I wear my smart watch until I wake up and hit the snooze button. So, for me, the clock lasted about 10 hours, which is in line with expectations. It could have been better.

Fossil Gen 5E for you?

If you are a Google WearOS user and want a smart watch that looks good under 20,000 rubles, the Fossil Gen 5E offers many features without adding extra load to your wallet. However, at this price point, a SPO2 sensor is essential and the clock is missing that. But if that’s not what you want, then this watch looks like a premium and a great addition to your hand.

Fossil Gen 5E details

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor
  • Powered by Google Wearos
  • 4 GB storage
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 300 mAh battery
  • Water resistant up to 3 ATMs


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