Foreign decisions will soon be decided by technology – Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes out-of-field calls will be limited by technology until next year.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in allowing decisions in the game, and Glein technology and Var have been implemented around the world.

But former Arsenal boss Wenger, who is now in charge of international development at FIFA, believes the next big step is the future, and the offside off law will soon be easier for referees.

What is it called?

Wenger believes the VR is too slow to make off-field decisions and believes he should facilitate the process when the 2022 World Cup arrives.

“We need to keep improving the pace of decision-making, especially in the offside,” he told reporters.

A.D. At 2022, we will be better able to make the fastest decisions at the World Cup. And it stops the game less because this var is deceptive. There is a real emotional upheaval, but after that you need to know whether you want fair decisions or not.

There is a good chance that the 2022 World Cup will be officially automated. I have a secret, but this will be one of the biggest developments in the judiciary.

Defend Wenger Var

Despite criticizing Wenger, they believe he will have a positive impact on the game and reduce refereeing errors in big matches.

He added: “I think it is positive that people will oppose it if it is announced tomorrow. In important matches, we know that bad decisions can be made. ”

But there are still some things that need to be done. VAR is a new process. The VAR level may not be that of the judges. But it will come in a few years.

“There is an issue because it requires a lot of people and is still expensive. VAR is an important aid and should be left to make more equitable decisions. In the past, 93% were right decisions and today it is 97%. So hundreds of decisions on the entire championship. This is important.

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