Food Tech News: Online Food Bank, Cycling Cacao Fruit Bars and $ 10 Million Gluten Free Snack Products

If you feel left out in the fast-paced world of food technology, you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s Food Tech News Summary, we have stories from Costa Rica’s partnership with Uber, $ 10 million in food branding and recycling certification.

The Food Bank is launching an online grocery store for people with food shortages

Eating America is one of the largest food banks in the country and this week launched a non-profit online order. Called order, food is ordered through a Food America Network Food Bank or partner food via smartphone, tablet or computer. The order can then be picked up at schools, libraries or drive distribution centers. Some markets also offer housing. Unfortunately, people who need food assistance may be embarrassed or criticized, so providing an online platform allows for a more informed choice.

Kapaoo is one of the first companies to receive a recycling food certificate

Cappuccino created a snack made from high quality cacao fruits. The brand was developed by Mondez International, a Snakefufet innovation and partnership center, and announced this week that it was one of the first companies to receive a recycled food certificate. After the cacao pod is harvested from the cacao pod, about 70 percent of the rest of the animal is wasted, and this residue is used in food production. Kapaso is a natural source of food waste from the food and beverage company that uses cacao pod to produce a variety of foods. It produces three coffees and balls with the sophisticated cacao fruit of Kapao: Mango Cassus Coconut, Golden Berry Apricot Chia and Cherry Almond Cocoa. The products are available for purchase on the company’s website and at retailers in Southern California.

Photo by Henry & Kons on Unsplash

Costa Rican partners to test supply on Uber on the same day

Costco is currently testing a 25-day supply chain in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, along with Uber. Uber announced that drivers will be able to deliver groceries in a matter of minutes. To use the service in Texas, customers must order at least $ 35 worth of costco groceries and products. Costa is currently working with Instacart to deliver on the same day.

A gluten-free snack manufacturer raises $ 10 million

Quinn produces a variety of gluten-free snacks, and this week the company received $ 10 million in series B funding. Neurode Capital Partners led the round, with Eco Capital, Boulder Food Group and Sanil Takor taking part. The capital will be used for productivity, company growth, and the quest for agriculture will be relegated to Quinn. Quinn uses gluten-free ingredients such as sorghum, cassava and corn for press sticks and chips, filled prunes and flavored popcorn. Quinn products are available for purchase from approximately 10,000 retailers nationwide.

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