Food Tech News: Food Garbage Sneakers, Cell Ag Baby Books and Bon Apple New Apple

If you have a busy week and miss news in the food technology area, we will cover it for you. In this summary, we have gathered some news from Bonnite’s recently launched app, HelloFresh’s new online marketplace, MoE’s shoes made from food waste, and a children’s book on cellular farming.

Bon Aptite launches a command app for people with food restrictions

This week, Bon Aptite Management Company launched an app called Kurated, developed by WeekF and registered nutritionists. The app was created to make it easier to order food for restaurant menus with food restrictions and needs. Through the order system, caterers can choose from 12 different foods, including plant-based, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, and allergen-free foods. Once a dietary choice is selected, curcumin shows the foods and nutrients that are available and can be served. Eaters can customize their diet with ingredients, sides, and soups that suit their preferences. The app can be used at bon app cafes and dining areas, and is available for free on the iOS and Android phones via the Cafe Bon app mobile app.

HelloFresh now offers an online marketplace

Food Kit Company HelloFresh has now added HelloFresh Market to its online platform. The new market offers a wide range of additions to weekly weekly orders for customers. The new options include snacks, fresh produce, sweets, sides, spices, breakfast items, and storage essentials. HelloFresh primarily offers dinner kit kits, but the Marketplace offers customers options for breakfast, lunch, breakfast and dessert options. The HelloFresh market will be available to customers in the United States in the coming months.

Moea is using food waste to make vegan leather sneakers

Companies have developed technology to produce mushrooms from peach and peach fiber, and now a company called MoEA is using food waste to produce alternative skins. In particular, the company produces leftover grapes from the Italian wine industry, cactus leaves, edible corn, pineapple leaves, and apples. Customers can choose what kind of leather they want for the shoe, and each skin type is available in two colors. The company currently has a Kickstarter campaign for its shoes, and fans who have pledged € 86 or $ 108 will receive a pair of shoes in September 2021.

A new book on cell-ag for children

Called “Where do hot dogs come from?Authors Alex Sirazi and Anita Brolls explain how mobile farming works in the history of family barbecue. Aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, the book aims to educate children on the sustainability of cell-based tissue and to inspire a generation of scientists working on alternative protein alternatives. There is currently a Kickstaster campaign for the book, and fans who have pledged $ 25 or more will receive a copy of the book in October 2021.

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