Food Tech News: Chewing Science, Food Personality Forum and Cell-Based Rainbow tab

Welcome to the first round of August Tech Food News! To begin this month, at Blue Bioscience, Food! At Rk’s new platform, Motif has partnered with dentists and Good Catch’s new distribution partner.

Blue biosynthesis promotes the production of fish-based fish species

Berlin-based Blue Biosine is producing cell-based seafood, and this week the company announced the addition of three popular fish species: Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and carp. According to the original article on nutrition, the company is currently optimizing its cell lines for optimal nutrition, fat content and omega 3s. Blue bioscience cell-based seafood at a reasonable price compared to conventional seafood, the future product range may include fish balls, sticks and leaves.

Foodqu! Rk launches “Food Personality” platform

When most people live with dietary restrictions or certain dietary choices, Foodk helps people identify their diet! A new platform called Rk has been launched. To register, users will be asked questions about their eating habits, food choices, and interactions with certain foods. The test result depends on your frequency or what Foodqu! Rk is an algorithm that calls your food personality. There are five categories that define your personality: natural, cautious, creative, enthusiastic, and protective. Once you have registered and taken the quiz, users will be able to access the forum to share test results, share recipes, recommend restaurants and connect with other community members. The platform currently has users in Fofo! He is accepting to get it early on

To understand the science of chewing, Motif collaborates with dental scientists

Vegetable-based meat and dairy products usually have a different mouth than their traditional counterparts and can be challenging to create both realistic and attractive textures. Motif Foods is a biotechnology company that develops alternative ingredients to mimic the properties of milk, eggs and meat. To understand the importance of texture in a variety of foods, Motif is working with London King’s College and Imperial College London to study eating mechanics. The study focuses on how chewing affects the food’s senses. Mechanical engineers, oral biologists and dentists will work with the company for this food science research.

Food partners who have partnered with Dot Foods to promote distribution

Collected Foods, a parent company of alternative seafood Good Catch, has announced that it has acquired Dot Foods as its new distribution partner. Dot Foods is the largest food distributor in North America, with 12 distribution centers and access to all 50 U.S. states. The partnership will enable Good Catch to expand its products to new businesses and catering accounts across the country. Good cheese products from Dot Foods include plant-based fish burgers, tuna flakes, bread crab cakes, bread crumbs, and other delicacies.

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