Fontinalis Partners to raise $ 104 million for new mobile technology wave – FreightWaves

Founded in 2009, Fontiniis found that the company’s leaders saw an opportunity for technological advances to improve the way goods and individuals move.

“In the years to come, we are convinced that there will be a wave of innovation that will affect not only the automotive sector but also the manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail and other industries,” said Chris Stalman. In an interview with FreightWaves, a partner of Fontennis partners.

“The adoption of smartphones, before 2010, was not that high, so when we first started, there were many early business models. [we invested in] They focused on urban transportation, driving, car sharing and supply services. ” These include the elevator, the post office, the telegraph, the oyster, and the neutron.

On Thursday, the company announced that it has raised $ 104 million for the sector’s third fund, Fontinlis III, and will continue to focus on seed-to-B financing opportunities.

Stalman explained that the fund will focus on new frontiers in the areas of indirect mobility that could create significant costs by facilitating the movement of people and goods.

Improvements in AI, machine learning, cyber security, semiconductors and many more complex sciences are needed to improve the way products are delivered to customers.

We are not only investors in direct supply companies, such as supply chain, industry and car technology, but also investors in various end-to-end companies.

An example of these broad-based businesses is portfolio company, a climate technology company.

They are working on creating new data sets to better predict the weather for larger companies. Some customers, such as BSFF, worry about cross-country skiing. They also have logistics companies, airlines, and major league baseball teams that are concerned about delays and cancellation decisions.

Organization details – Fontinalis partners

Strong places Detroit, Boston and other remote locations
Investment Team Five partners, two principals, one associate and six corporate partners
Number of investments to date 56 Total Investments 24 Seeds and 32 Series A and later stages
Focus areas Aspects of mobility, including pure technology, e-commerce capacity, fintech, industrial, manufacturing and supply chain technology
Successful investment details IPO: Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) and Life360
SPAC Compounds-Ouster (NYSE: OUST)
M&A: Postal Sales $ 3.9 Billion for Uber (NYSE: UBER), Telegis $ 900 Million for Verizon (NYSE: VZ), NuTonomy $ 450 Million for Aptiv (NYSE: APTV)
Upcoming – Tour planned IPO
Given capital to date $ 270 million

Stalman also explained that many of the first leaders of these first-generation mobile companies, such as Tesla, Uber, and Liff, were creating an ecosystem for new companies looking to expand their application technology.

“New developments are being built on past successes,” he said. “Earlier this year we invested in a company called It is a geographic technology that allows companies to stack a lot of information on a map and understand their data from a local context. The four founders had previously worked together on the Uber geographic team. Uber is based on the world’s largest movement data, and there are no tools to analyze it. They have found a way to do this. አግኝ Found in Foursquare in May.

With these new funds, the company is looking forward to investing in such initiatives, including interest planning and forecasting, e-commerce technology, additional products, pure mobility and fintech.

“We are in desperate need of mobility in areas where mobility is at odds with other themes,” says Stalman. Companies are more open to creativity, making these conflicts more frequent.

Announcement – Fontinosis has been leading the Freeways for $ 3.4 million and has been active on the board ever since.

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