Focus brands hold the highest priority in the portfolio of technology optimization

Focusing brands’ adaptation of digital technology capabilities to the seven brands has led to an increase in the epidemic. Joe Guit, president of the Focus Brands Group, shares how the driving force behind the epidemic and beyond will share the power of technology that supports Omniquel’s potential.

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How has your approach to digital technology changed since the outbreak?

The importance of digital has always been there, and the epidemic has really strengthened that. Especially at McAlister’s Deli we were making those investments before the epidemic and we started our new digital and loyalty system about a month before Covi was completely hit. For all the focus brands, digital remains the top of the mind. We have significantly increased our investment and are looking for better practices and similarities in the portfolio. There are some key themes around non-conflict comfort and they make it easier to order in more ways than ever before.

How have digital consumer expectations changed?

Consumer cravings have increased. Being able to use technology in every part of our lives now has high expectations […] Access to that experience is expected to continue well with how you coordinate beyond the epidemic [those technologies] Will be crucial.

What are the challenges of optimizing all those channels and getting them to talk to each other?

I would say that 90-95% of our transactions are now merged with the point of sale. […] How do we use delivery windows for third parties? Not only do we continue to provide great guest experience, but how do we begin to sort through these different command modes so that we can have a team member experience and finally Frances do exactly that?

How are these challenges being addressed?

I think he really keeps the guests in mind. As people on board develop their technologies, expectations are growing. And if you want to stay ahead, you need to make things easier for the guests. […] When you reduce conflicts at both ends – the operator is included – that experience becomes better and better. […] Do not undermine your progress by starting to introduce too many features and many things at once.

How did the epidemic become a crucial strategy for drive-thru against focus brands over the past year and a half?

When I returned the tape three years ago, I would say that one of our seven brands had a strong drive strategy. Now I tell you, the majority have one. […] You can see the benefits of getting a drive when 80% of your units are logged in. We have been on this journey for about two years. Moi is appearing fast. Schlotzsky. McAlister’s pickup window is larger. […] From a guest’s point of view, presenting that comfort is key to them.

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