Five Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become one of the world’s most popular smartphone brands. In fact, it is one of the most popular telephone brands in India, thanks to the popular Redmi series. Although Xiaomi has always been a well-known brand in Asia, the technology giant has recently overtaken Samsung to become the world’s number one smartphone company. Xiaomi is a family name, but we sell it because you don’t know some interesting facts about the brand’s journey. Here are some interesting facts about Xiaomi.

Name: Xiaomi?

Xiaomi literally means mill and rice, which is a Buddhist concept. This indicates starting from the bottom before moving upwards.

The first product for you and I… was really an interface

The first product launched by Xiaomi was actually software. On August 16, 2010, the brand launched its own Android app. MUI. Xiaomi’s first device, the Mi1, was launched in August 2011 a year later.

Record breaker

Xiaomi holds the record for the largest number of smartphones sold in a single day. The company currently holds a Guinness World Record, selling 2.11 million phones in a single day. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer set this record at the 2015 Mi Fan Festival. The company achieved this success by selling 1.3 million devices a day at the 2014 Fan Festival, breaking the previous year’s record.

MIUI Forum

Xiaomi has its own platform, called MIUI Forum. If you have a problem or query on your Xiaomi device, you can answer your questions in the forum of experienced and dedicated fans as well as the official MIUI team.

New horizons

After a huge success with smartphones, Xiaomi moved into other product categories with a creative touch. The company has made products such as the Mi flashlight, Mi Air Filter and Mi Dronor internationally popular.


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