Fitch has collected $ 60M, expanded on Facebook and more Austin Tech news

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Austin’s technology sector has been booming over the past week. As companies continue to flock to Lone Star State, find out how the technology scene is growing. This is a weekly renewal in Austin.

Bring in $ 60M. At the Fet Forum, apartment dwellers can send their packages to the company’s storage facility, which can then be delivered directly to their home. Fiche, currently located in 16 cities, plans to expand to 24 more markets following the final funding led by Osset Capital. Fitch is also currently expanding the team using several Austin-based technology layouts. [Built In Austin]

Facebook expands Austin’s presence. Social media giant has signed a lease agreement at the Plufervilleville Heatherweld 45 Industrial Park. The site shows 100,000 square feet of storage space. He also added an additional office space in downtown Austin at 300 W. 6th Tower. Facebook currently has about 2,000 employees and 384 local jobs in Austin. [Austin Business Journal]

Austin Tech Quote of the Week

“When we started developing piracy, we found ways to improve the existing restaurant infrastructure by focusing on flexibility and speed. Our bars are modular and prefabricated and can be operated anywhere in a matter of hours. ”- Max Crowley, Gopp VP Business Expansion

The robber was found in a good place. Mobile app: The coffee shop-only burglar is officially merging with Gopf to provide daily services. Bandits now offer items such as coffee and breakfast sandwiches to order on the goofy platform. Now, with the addition of kitchens to the filling centers, gourmet users will have the opportunity to serve fresh food with daily necessities. [Built In Austin]

Argo AI to help bring a self-driving lift to Austin. The partnership of the three companies aims to bring the Argo autonomous driving system, Ford vehicles and elevator networks to the streets across the country. For starters, the companies are launching autonomous rides in Austin and Miami. [Ground Truth]

Essence to find a collector. Essinium, an industry-leading manufacturing solutions company, plans to acquire a collector for digital lighting processing and 3D printing technology programming equipment. The company’s goal is to create fast, economical and innovative opportunities for manufacturers in a wide range of industries, from medicine to aerospace. [PR Newswire]

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