Fininaro announces acquisition of US-led business adapter technology – Shift4 – $ 575 million deal

Tel Aviv – (Business WireFinaro (formerly Credorax)An international cross-border payment provider and fully licensed bank has announced that it has signed a $ 575 million contract with Shift 4 with advanced payment solutions. The combined offering of the two companies creates a significant supply of card-based, current and non-card-knowledge for large and complex merchants with unique solutions. Together, Finaro and Shift4 will have the best place to offer merchants the best international Omni Channel payment solution and to stand with the biggest players in the payment industry, including Adid, Nuvin and WorldPine.

“This acquisition underscores our strong commitment to delivering a unified business experience around the world.

Fininaro provides the global infrastructure and technology needed to deliver Shift4’s global aspirations for a unified business experience. By integrating Finaro’s capabilities, Shift4 can expand the company’s current services around the world, including the next-generation SkyTab POS solution, the Shift4Shop ecommerce platform and VenueNext Stadium. Shift4 also has more than 425 software integrations and more than 200,000 business customers, many of which have global presence and offer immediate international opportunities that can now be opened as a result of this purchase.

“This acquisition emphasizes that we have achieved what we set out to do – build truly secure payment capacity capacity, unrestricted access and scope. Being able to implement this technology in the context of SpaceX’s Starlink program and the like, It’s a milestone, and we’re very excited to join the Shift 4 team, ”said Egal Rotem, CEO of Finnaro.

For more information on this purchase, please visit Shift4’s Investor Relations website here.

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