Fighter Asse leads technological efforts to combat China’s threat.

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A group of veteran AC engineers and technologists have developed a technology that they believe will help them win the artificial intelligence competition with China.

“We need to do something about China ‘s investment in cyber and AI,” said Daniel Robinson, CEO of Red 6.

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The former Pentagon official said he was “not surprised” by China’s launch, adding that “our time is running out.”

Robinson and his team have developed what they call a “revolutionary approach” – this technology allows fighter pilots to fly in real planes and train virtual enemies.

Red 6 pilot wearing AVN hat.

“The whole reason I started this company is for pilots to fly,” former F-22 pilot Robinson told Fox News. “We can’t do this in simulators.”

“The beautiful thing about this technology is the reboot, reboot, reboot,” Robinson continued.

He said traditional flight time can give a pilot three sets of problems. But by using this technology, “8, 9, 10 you can see the problem set using this,” Robinson told Fox News.

Red 6 founder and CEO Daniel Robinson

Red 6 founder and CEO Daniel Robinson

The U.S. Air Force awarded the Red Cross $ 6 million last year. The company expects to see the technology in a fighter jet within 18 months.

At the same time, critics have argued that the Ministry of Defense lacks efficiency and accountability in the technology sector.

In September, Air Force and Space Force chief software officer Nicholas Chiila announced his resignation on LinkedIn.

China ‘used to pay’ Captain ‘instead of’ head-to-head ‘conflict’ – Sweaker

An aircraft used by Red 6 pilots for test flights.

An aircraft used by Red 6 pilots for test flights.

“If the United States cannot relate to the growing and industrious people of China, we must win by becoming smarter, smarter, and moving forward with greater efficiency, faster prototyping, and innovation,” he wrote. “We have to take the lead and lead. We can’t be behind.”

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Robinson told Fox News that there is a lot of misunderstanding between beginners and bureaucracy in DOD.

“Innovation is at the forefront of small, fast-paced startups like the Red 6,” Robinson said.

“So you have companies that are very disturbing by creating technology to test these technologies quickly with the Ministry of Defense, which does not know how to fully integrate them into bureaucracy, and that leads to conflict … and very, very, very quickly to take innovative technologies and reach out to the warrior,” Robinson said. He continued.

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