Fenda Audio launches for HDMI 330 audio bar in India at Rupee 9,990-Technology News, Post-Ohio News

Homemade Audio Fenda Audio (F & D) has announced a new sound bar called HT-330 Soundbar in India. Audio products are especially designed for users to listen to music at home or at a party hosted by them. The HTT-3030 sound bar comes with many connectivity options for easy access to TVs, laptops, tabs and smartphones. The sound bar supports Bluetooth version 5.0.

There is also a USB reader with dual format decoding MP3 / WMA as an alternative connection.

The sound bar is said to provide people with a “new immersive cinematic audio experience at home” with the help of 80 watts output. It also uses a 6.5mm bass driver to improve bass audio output.

“F&D wants to provide our customers with the best technology and quality at an affordable price,” said Panjak Kushwaha, marketing manager at Fenda Audio. We aim for continuous innovation and we have the same goal. We are all actively promoting a long-term strategy to create high-quality products for home use. “

The HT-330 sound bar comes with a bright LED display and is introduced for good advertising on the front panel.

Fenda Audio (F & D) HT-330 audio bar costs 9,990 rubles. However, as part of a special referral discount, interested people can buy audio products for 7,999 rubles.

It can be purchased at Fanda Audio’s official website in India and on all major e-commerce platforms in the country.

In addition, the new Fanda Audio Audio Bar comes with a 12-month warranty.

Fenda Audio launches HD-330 audio bar in India for Rupee 9,990-Technology News, Firstpost.

Source Link Fenda Audio launches HD-3030 audio bar in India for Rupe 9,990-Technology News, Firstpost.

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