Federal will send $ 2.25 million to a new high-tech physics center at the University of West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WV News) – An additional $ 2.25 million in funding from the Department of Energy will go to the University of West Virginia at the new Center for the Study of Kinetics, Theory and Integrated Mathematics.

News of the award came from U.S. Senator Joe Mancini, DW.Va and Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and Lee Moore Capito, RFV.

The senators said the center will work to solve physics-level physics problems and provide advanced training to highly skilled workers to support the development of high-tech industries in West Virginia.

“This announcement is a welcome addition to the University of West Virginia and a further recognition of the research done by the students and faculty,” Manchin said. The new center will promote innovative physics research to help the United States connect today and tomorrow. Emphasizes the important role EPSCoR plays in ensuring that energy needs, and in rural and underserved states such as West Virginia, flow into research funding for universities and other institutions. This funding also provides training for skilled workers in West Virginia, providing experienced and educated manpower to the growing industry in our region. I am delighted that the Department of Energy is continuing to invest in WVU research programs, and I will continue to provide financial support and resources to make the Mountain State a success.

“WVU continues to be a leader in research and development, which is why it is not surprising that they are the driving force behind the innovations and technological advances we are making in our state,” Capito said. “Last month, I made several stops in Morganton around the start of Congress, the first time I saw how the technology economy was growing in western Virginia. Continued support from the Department of Energy to the Center for Kinetic Experimental, Theory and Integrated Computing Physics is a sign of their continued success and growth over the past few years. I look forward to the benefits of this continuum for WVU and the impact the center will have on West Virginia.


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