Facebook Messenger calls receive end-to-end encryption support

Facebook Messenger is adding end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls or E2EE. The company has updated controls for loss of messages. The social media giant announced the new update in a blog post.

“People expect their messaging apps to be secure and private, and with these new features we give them more control over how private calls and conversations want to be. Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in voice and video call usage by over 150 million video calls per day on Messenger. We are now introducing a call to this mode to secure your audio and video calls if you choose, ”said Ruth Cree He Lee, Director of Product Management, in a blog post on Friday.

From now on, one-on-one text chats are encrypted from top to bottom and the same is now available for calls. This basically means “no one can see or hear anything posted or said, including Facebook.”

To protect private conversations from hackers and criminals, end-to-end encryption is already widely used by apps like WhatsApp. Facebook believes that E2EE “is becoming an industry standard that works like a lock and key where people in the conversation or call get access to the conversation, just like you.”

In addition to E2EE, Facebook Messenger has also updated the expired messaging feature. The social media giant says that all users do not always want their messages to be stuck, so the new timer controls allow one to decide when to spend time in a conversation.

“We’ve updated this setting to provide people with more options to choose the amount of time before all new messages are gone,” Facebook said.


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