Facebook launches VR remote app by calling it ‘metaver’.

August 19 (Reuters) – Facebook Ink (FBC) on Thursday launched a new virtual-reality remote work app that allows users of the company’s Okules Quest 2 headphones to hold meetings as models.

Following the closure of physical workplaces and the emergence of new alternatives around the world, many companies continue to operate from their homes, and the Facebook Horizons work app app will be tested.

In recent weeks, Facebook has seen Mark Zuckerberg as the first step in building a future metaphor.

The world’s largest social network has invested heavily in virtual reality, developing hardware such as Oculus VR headphones, working on AR glasses and wrist technologies, and buying VR gaming studios, including Bigbox VR.

Facebook’s dominance in this area, where it will be the next largest computer platform, will make it less dependent on hardware maker Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) in the future, the company said.

Andrew Boz, vice-president of Facebook Real Labs Group, said the new workspace app “gives a good impression” of how the company is evaluating methane components.

“This is one of the basic steps in that direction,” he said during a VR news conference.

The new Horizons remote work app for Oxulus Quest 2 headphones for the “Virtual Reality” Facebook test will be shown by Reuters on August 18, 2021 in this photo. Facebook / text via REUTERS

A.D. The term “metaverver”, coined in 1992 by the dystopian novel “Snowfall”, is used to describe the deep, common areas of physical and digital communication. Zuckerberg described it as an “Internet.”

It has been mentioned in several recent revenue calls by tech executives, including Zuckerberg, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT.O) Satya Nadela, gaming company Rolex Corporation (RBLX.N) David Bazuzuki and Match Group Inc (MTCH.O) Shar Dubai. Their companies discussed how to shape the future of this state. Read more

In July, Facebook said the AR and VR team was forming a production team to work on Metaver, part of Facebook’s True Labs.

In the first full VR news summary, users of the company’s workstations showed how to make their own avatar versions to interact in virtual reality conference rooms and collaborate on shared whiteboards or documents, still interacting with their own physical desk and computer keyboard. The $ 300-free Quest 2 headset app allows up to 16 people in VR together and up to 50, including video conference participants. According to Bossworth, Facebook now regularly uses work rooms for internal meetings.

The company says it does not use job interviews and materials in the workplace to target ads on Facebook. He also said that users must comply with the requirements of the VR community and that violations of this rule could be reported to Oculus.

Facebook recently stopped selling Oculus Quest 2 headphones and recalled bubble front lines in response to reports of skin irritation in collaboration with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. (https://bit.ly/3iTABYC)

The announcement estimates that Quest 2 headset sales have not yet been announced by the company, which has affected nearly 4 million units in the United States. Facebook reported $ 497 million in non-advertising revenue from AR and VR businesses as well as e-commerce in the second quarter of 2021.

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