Facebook launches audio center for podcasts, live chats

Facebook announced a variety of new voice-based features earlier this year and is now introducing a specific platform for them. Facebook’s new audio center gives users instant access to podcasts, live audio clips and short clips in the Facebook mobile app.

Social media company has started distributing audio-centric features on US and Android devices. TechCrunch. In addition, all US users aged 18 and over should be able to view the option now.

The audio center is a tab in the Facebook Watch section. The social media company is also working on voice-based services, including Soundbits, Podcasts, and Live Audio Rooms.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the bites are said to be the “sound version” of the reels. The feature of short audio clips is currently available in the United States.

Facebook is also developing a podcast discovery tool. As a reminder, in July, Facebook released live streams that competed directly with Club House and Twitter. The company claims that all certified public figures and creators can now host live audio units, and this is not limited to US users.


The company also said that all Facebook groups can have voice chats. Users can also listen to audio chats on their PC. The company is still experimenting with the option of creating audio components on Android. The feature was limited to iOS devices.


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