Facebook has been accused of abusing the content of 3 Australian publishers

Three Australian lifestyle publishers say Facebook has refused to negotiate licensing agreements, has used its articles on its recently launched news service, and the country’s strong new internet law has failed to protect them.

Australia has issued a law pushing Facebook and Alphabet Google to sign agreements with some of the country’s biggest news companies, threatening government interference.

The argument highlights potential flaws in the controversial law. While most of Australia’s major media companies have signed agreements, some small media outlets claim that the law does not stop indecent exposure to Facebook clicks and advertising revenue.

Broadcasting media, city lists and concrete playgrounds, which publish entertainment news, reviews and details, say they have been approached by social media for payment for their content after the law was passed in February.

AUD 15 million (approximately Rs. Joint call) to Australia’s regional and digital news segments, calling Facebook content inappropriate for the Facebook news platform.

“Well, they are not on the news tab and that’s what we pay for,” said Nick Lilton, founder of broadcaster media.

Surprisingly, one morning we woke up one morning and all our contents were there.

Facebook News August 4 Live in Australia.

Facebook refrained from commenting directly on the three companies but said it had created value for publishers by sending viewers to their sites.

According to the law, Facebook and Google must negotiate payment agreements with sellers or have them be appointed by a government-appointed arbitrator, but a publisher must first make sure that the main purpose is to prepare the news and that it is unfairly disqualified.

The three publishers said they wanted Facebook to come to the table, but if it was rejected, they would need government intervention.

“If they are not included in the trade agreement at the end of the day, they will need a stick,” Lilton said. We are three main examples of publishers and media businesses that should be part of this framework.

To be covered by the law, publishers must register as news reporters with the Australian Communications and Media Authority “including ‘major news’ standards (mainly public interest journalism).

City listing is on the list. The broadcast and concrete playground have not yet been registered, stating that they want to keep it private.

Tama Lever, a professor of internet studies at the University of Curtin in Australia, said that although the case had not yet been settled by arbitration, Facebook’s clear treatment of the three publishers was “extremely poor, unprofitable and a small loss.” Players in the news business. ”

In a separate controversy, the ACC stated that Facebook was refusing to negotiate a licensing agreement, and that it would investigate the claims made by scholars on current affairs in The Conversation. The conversation has reached an agreement with Google.

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