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Decarbonization of According to SOSV General Manager Sen. Ousulivan and Breaker Energy Ventures Carmi Michael Roberts, the planet will be the next big mess in the 21st century.

Such unbalanced turmoil results in changes that affect every industry and every day of life, leading to a network of complex challenges and objections. It also provides entrepreneurs and their supporters with unprecedented opportunities to transform climate technology ideas into commercial products and services such as plant foods, carbon recovery, electric vehicles and battery recycling. Offers.

“The most difficult thing here is we have to change everything,” he said of the Tech Crunch Violence 2021. “Climate technology is not the only thing that needs to change. There are 100 areas, 1,000 different areas that need to be rebuilt, and industries that need to be rebuilt.

This opportunity has made it one of the hottest sectors to invest in climate technology. But that does not mean that success is guaranteed. Unlike other sectors, climate technology is present in almost every industry, including transportation, energy, agriculture, consumer goods, food and beverage, and packaging.

The first challenge for investors is to start with the technology and the business plan from the beginning, whether it is climate technology or window dressing.

“This is the largest and most comprehensive category of carbon offsets,” says Robert.

Are people ready for climate technology?

The beginnings of climate technology can jeopardize the growth of established industrial forces, even after successful funding and start-up. As Osullivan points out, people are naturally resistant to change.

But both investors are more open.

“When we hear people today, they are trying to understand how they migrate, integrate and increase. See more of ”How to accept the transition. ”And then“ Why are we not afraid? ”

Huge Challenges and Plenty of Opportunities in Climate Technology – Tech Crunch Source Link Huge Challenges and Plenty of Opportunities in Climate Technology – TechCrunch

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