External retailer shows new gear with gay-wiz technology

Neighbors can fry bacon that morning without campfire or propane. A new skateboard zooms in at more than 40 miles / h and brings flash with LED lights. Down jackets compete with a new, thin polyester fabric with air-tightness – similar to a foam wrap.

These few tech and G-Wizardry March gear outdoor retailers summer show always bring hundreds of retailers to Denver. This week’s show in the center of the Colorado Convention Center did not disappoint.

First, Neverflame has just started.

It is a battery-powered, flame-free system that can boil water for morning camp and boil eggs in a small bowl. Oh, and it can power your cell phones and GPS devices.

“We have improved the technology on the battery, so there is 300 watts of cooking power,” said Nafna’s spokeswoman Alana Rose. “You can charge your vehicle or solar. We think it will be popular with hunter-gatherers, fishermen and settlers.

Ships from Neverflame showcases the battery-powered camp cooking system, boiling water, bacon and all your technology at an outdoor indoor retail summer show.

Of course, there is an app to control and control the temperature. Rose did not say whether he was working without a cell phone or WiFi service.

In California, Santa Barbara is the brainchild of Mori Rabin. As a exit club leader, he saw the restrictions imposed by drought conditions as low as possible.

NeverFlame is a powerful, portable and purposeful cooking system for water and cooking, because it eliminates waste by creating dangerous flames during cooking. The company’s website.

With some supply chain problems, the supply is only two months away. But property rights are definitely waiting.

We came to Denver to show you how Rose works, to register some retailers, and to get some resources.

But if you can’t live in a camp fire and you’re in a place where you can, a Phoenix-based company called “Phoenix Outdoor” is a “pop-up fire pit” – an aluminum and metal-mesh box that picks up the fire off the ground.

“This was originally designed for the river community,” said Nathan Struk, marketing manager.

Outside the fire door

Fireside Outdoor “pop-up fire pit,” metal mesh and aluminum, portable fire pit at the summer show for outdoor retailers.

The pit comes in two sizes, 24×24 inches and 12×12 trail blazer. He said that lifting the fire would allow oxygen to feed from the bottom of the fire, making it “smoke-free.”

Heating without fire is next.

A feather jacket from Santero clothing brings warmth.

Santero is a Mexican-based new “locally sourced product,” but it distributes to the United States outside of California.

Collaborator IV Bertha Dudk says the Santero Cero is too popular to store. It’s called the “Full Zip Jacket Poletech Power Air Optional Insulation Clothing.”

Outdoor retailer

Berta Dudk Santero, co-founder of Santero Clothing in Mexico, will be showcasing the company’s “Malinche” rocket at the Colorado Convention Center this week.

It works on its own, or as a medium layer, a polyester-based fabric made from air bubbles. The company can wear the garment “from the city to the most difficult part of the world.”

“This is a new fabric,” said Santero. “Air bubbles and fabrics are excellent protection, and it is ‘creature free’ (no feathers). … It works the same way. We try to raise awareness of our dress. ”

Finally, motorized skateboards aren’t really new – but the new Haden series of styrene is definitely as good as the board Cadillac in the GTR line of carbon fiber electric skateboards.

Shows on stage, has plenty of space for demonstrations. Looks like “amazing and scary” customer statements.

Replace the boards

International retailer manager Ivov Skateboard Travis Maton will show off Haden’s new series at an outdoor retailer summer show on carbon fiber electric sliding boards.

The puppy can travel more than 40 miles (usually up to 26 miles per hour), has a more powerful battery for longer trips and has bigger tires off the road, said Travis Maton, global retailer manager.

Yes, he is “sick,” as the children say.

“You can go from grass to hard road to dirt to concrete,” says Maton.

The remote control board comes with a heavy price tag – $ 2,899.

“Colorado really has good retailers that sell this,” says Maton.


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