ExpressBasics: How to block unwanted ads on Android

If you download the notification panel on your Android phone to see the endless list of spam, you can do a few things about it and eliminate the need to clean up unnecessary notifications each time. Non-related ads increase not only beauty but also the chances of losing valuable ads, thus affecting your productivity.

Recently, when I chatted with an elderly person, I realized that many people may not realize that it allows Android users to block certain app ads. You can also block unwanted notifications from the app without having to uninstall the app completely.

In today’s edition of ExpressBasics we will look at how to select unwanted notifications from apps and how to block them completely.

How to block notifications from an app

Step 1: To completely block all app ads, press the notification longer and you should see details on the exported app as well as small gear-shaped settings at the top left. Click on it.

Step 2: This will take you to a notification setting page for that specific application. Here, the first switch says “all.”Your app name“Notifications” If you turn off the switch on the right with this option. Block all notifications from the app. See image below.

Touch the main switch to disable all app notifications. (Specify photo)

We do not recommend that you do this for any communication app or app that can send you some important notifications. Note that you can still use it fully when you open the app.

How to block notifications selected from an application

In some cases, you may want to block only selected notifications from an app. This may be useful for payment-related applications, say, you may want to inform about transactions, but not about credit offers. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 Long-click on the app notification you want to block and select the app you want to block. At the top left you will see a small gear-shaped settings icon. Click on it.

Step 2 This will take you to the Notification Settings page for that specific application. Below the “All notifications” switch you will see categories that the app sends you notifications to. This varies from app to app.

For example, if I’m not interested in ‘remind me’ and ‘flipcart community’ notifications from Flipkart, but I want notifications on offers, I can easily turn off the switches I don’t want and leave what I want. See image below.

expressbasics, how to block notifications, how to block notifications on android, Touch individual themes if you want to block selected notifications. (Specify photo)

That’s it. You are now in control of how an app sends you notifications. Repeat this notification panel for all the busy apps and you will get a more effective notification experience where you can see only what you want to see soon.


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