ExpressBasics ፡ 7 Google Search Tips for Beginners to Know

Search on Google or simply Google It is one of the simplest things on the Internet, but you know there are many methods you can use to get faster and / or more accurate search results on the app.

Set the time filter

Google search results have a clock filter at the top left and below the category ribbon (all, news, marketing, images, etc.). This option is set to ‘anytime’ by default but you can change search results from the past, week, month or year to your liking.

Use quotation marks for the correct result

Google can retrieve the search terms entered into any order for maximum results. This can sometimes be a good thing but not if you are looking for the right word order, for example when looking for song lyrics. To find the right search phrases, users can use double quotation marks (“”) along with your queries in the order in which the results were entered.

Colon for site-based searches

Google allows you to search the pages of a particular website so you are not viewing other web pages that you do not want. To do this, you can simply add ‘site:’ (which may be the site you are looking for) to get results from a different website.

For example, on you can search for ‘Galaxy S22 Ultra site:’ to access all articles on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Fast calculator and currency exchange

Google lets you perform calculations quickly from the search bar. For quick answers you can search for questions such as 82 divided by 3 or 56 times 7. The search bar doubles as a quick currency converter when you search, and yes it works with real-time conversion rates. You can search for $ 80 in INR for quick change.

Current table

Google also allows you to quickly pick up the periodic table by simply searching. The Google Periodic table has been updated and is coded according to color categories Alkali metals, Alkaline metals, Iron transition, Unresponsive iron, Lanthanides and Actinides. Check it out below.

Here is what Google Update looks like. (Image source: Search Google)

The ‘Practice Problems’ panel to the right of the Perfect table also allows you to test your current table knowledge with some simple questions.

Find out where the movie / scene will be released

Simply search for the name of a movie or TV show and ‘Watch’ and you will find details of streaming services for streaming content.

Exciting searches

Google lets you search for interesting words to describe Easter eggs. Test them yourself. Look for the following

Word – Wordle Easter Eggs
Laugh – Folded results screen
Flashing HTML – ‘HTML’ and ‘Blink’ flash on the screen
do a barrel roll – 360 copy

Google in 1998 – Older version of Google
Sonic the Hedgehog game – Animated Sonic Game Easter Egg
Super Mario Bros. 1985 – Mario Easter Eggs


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