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Jacksonville, Florida, October 11, 2021 (Globe Newsweire) – For the 8th year in a row, St. Mattis has released its annual list of “50 buyers know” and “50 buyers are concerned” – also the 3rd annual “Future 5” list of popular startups. Each year, our technology analysts evaluate the potential of a number of companies in the 10 procurement technology market sectors. These represent the best-known companies you want to know about, as well as companies that are coming and going.

Details are being released this year at the SIG Global Executive Meeting in Carlbad, California, Monday through Wednesday.

At the 2021 SIG International Executive Meeting, we are pleased to announce the announcement of ’50 Purchasers Must Know’ and ’50 Purchase Providers’. Analysts at Spend Matters bring technology to life and always provide such amazing insights to our members.

The 2021 list includes nine vendors who received the distinction of “Know the 50 Providers”! These include Bware, Billion, Coupon, DocSign (Sealing Software), GIP, Spain, Ivaluwa, Jaguar and Oracle. ABBYY, Fleetcor and Kofax Readsoft are new to the 2021 “Know” list.

Eight vendors jumped from the “Know” clock to the “Know” list, including Brightfield (TDX), Congo (including Aptus), EC Sourcing, IntegrityNext, Suplari (Microsoft), Tealbook, Transfermate and VNDLY. One-third of the list of “50 suppliers” represents a new brand that includes 13 companies for the first time.

In addition, the 2021 “Future 5” list will be released on the 3rd annual release of Send Matters. Throughout the year, analysts analyze newcomers to procurement technology. This list includes some of the most impressive procurement technology startups that meet the following criteria.

Less than 2 years in the market in less than 5 years (Official Product Launch) has 5+ customers Creative, exciting technology application.

The top 5 suppliers of 2021 are as follows

An e-source provider that describes archeology and condition-based development, key data support analytics and insights as a tool to move faster drinking decisions. Architecture does not claim to be a complete melting tool – it includes existing blending applications and is integrated with two SAP solutions (SAP Ariba and S / 4 Hanna). Monitors and monitors mining and progresses to original equipment using reporting data and statistics. Circleler creates your “digital twin” product for material verification as a “TAAS” (traceability-as-a-service). Malbeck: Intuitive interface, configurable settings, easy integration and a robust, modern cloud platform. It has strong technical foundations, CLM in-room functionality and innovations, all at a reasonable price point. The provider can reach small customers and even large deployments. Pact: A young II-powered seller who negotiates tail-cost deals with the goal of providing good results for both parties. Neglected capital is being released from unmanaged long-tailed sellers to strengthen EBIDD and “create value from thin air”. Zip: “Receiver-to-Purchase. The value proposition is to provide “smart, intelligent front-end to ERP or P2P” for both inquirers and stakeholders.

“Purchasing technology has never been the mind of business,” says Nick Heinzmann, head of the analysis team on Spanish issues. More popular – from customers and investors.

In the midst of a global crisis, we are pleased to present an urgent ’50’ suppliers of annual issues, with an urgent re-evaluation of what a new ‘source-to-payment’ includes and what businesses should value beyond the balance sheet. To determine the best of the technology providers in the procurement, finance and supply chain organizations, decide on a total cost analysis team to determine the “50 suppliers” and the “5 future” listers. We are presenting the winners of the DPW DEMO21 contest by sharing special feedback on who came out and why.

“All of these companies are listed in our Spend Matters Almanac. For 513 certified companies (and counting), Index Digital Transformation is a fast, self-service reference that includes relevant procurement technology providers that you should consider when identifying your partners.

For next year’s details to be considered by the Expenditure Analysis Team, procurement technology suppliers can create a free list in Expenditure Almanac.

The Spend Matters Almanac Purchase and Supply Chain Solution Providers is a very comprehensive technology and service directory — and an input for potential consumers who want to make a technology choice. Almanac contains over 500+ provider statements in a list of 50+ service / technology categories as well as a list of unstructured cost analysis insights and related articles in our “View” and “Coverage” sections.

Note: Please check your calendar for “50 to know,” “50 to see” and “Future 5” Choice-Review webinar on Monday, November 15, at 11 p.m. The entire cost analysis team highlights what you need to know about procurement technology and service providers in the 2021 list. Sign up to join us.

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