Excessive amounts reach record numbers and new technology could help save many lives: Here’s the big news of the week

(WTRF) – Here are the top news of the week.

This has been dubbed the “Forgotten Epidemic,” but no matter what we call it, overeating is on the rise.

Over the past year, the death toll in the United States has risen to 93,000

Last year, 93,000 people died of overdose nationwide. COVID seems to have accelerated the crisis. In West Virginia alone, there were more than 1,200 lethal drugs, an increase of 45 percent compared to the previous year.

In Guernsey County, there is a new improved 911 system for emergency responders.

A new upgrade to the 9-1-1 system could save people

Carbin-C is called a live system, which allows the sender to see the emergency and hear the caller’s voice. If the caller is on a mobile phone, the sender will send them a link. When the caller clicks on the link, it creates a video feed. It also allows non-speech-impaired people to communicate silently via the 911 system.

There is a new mobile unit in Wheeling to help with unresolved gun-related crimes in the city.

Wheeling police are assisted in unsolved gun-related crimes

The National Integrated Plastic Information Network (NIBIN) assists law enforcement by linking unresolved issues to incomplete evidence. The device in question is a test shot in the cell, the shell is collected and analyzed, and then the police get a list of similar results that can be evaluated by a trained technician.

The former Weirton mayor announced his resignation at a city council meeting this week.

A few days after he left office, Whitton Mayor Joe DiBartello said it was a “direct insult”.

Joe DiBartolome did so after accusing several councilors of violating government law. Assistant City Manager Dean Liam is now fulfilling his responsibilities, and Mayor Harold Miller will begin work next week to fill the city permanently.

The weekend was eagerly awaited by country music fans. Blame My Roots Festival is back in Belmont County!

The 2021 Criticism My Roots Festival is having a huge economic impact

Headlines Miranda Lambert and Neil Makoi, as well as some local favorites, were featured in the crowded performance program. After a break last summer, the organizers tripled the stage and thousands of people relaxed on the field listening to live music.

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