Every new car in the UK has to install software that quickly limits it

Starting next year, all new cars will be required to have speed limiter software.

The software, Intelligent Speed ​​Support will be mandatory for all new cars in the EU and the UK.

The technology uses a video or GPS-connected system to identify speed signals, and alerts the driver when they exceed the limit.

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Cars will be equipped with the new technology

The system does not prevent the driver from reaching high speeds or activates the brakes, but instead provides a series of alerts.

According to Confused.com, if the driver does not slow down, the vehicle will eventually slow down and slow down.

Do you want old cars to access the system?

At present, only new cars are needed to have this speed limit technology.

There is no requirement for drivers to install the system on older vehicles.

What are the benefits?

The new technology could be very useful for everyone on the road, and could even save lives.

According to Money.com, the technology could lead to lower insurance premiums and improve fuel efficiency.

With the help of technology, drivers struggling to keep up with speed limits can save themselves a lot of penalties.

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Can you ignore the system?

Drivers can turn off the speed limit system if they want, but the default setting is on.

You can also turn off the system when the car starts to cool down by pressing hard.

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