Evansesse is launching a plant-based packaging technology at PACK EXPO Las Vegas for the first time.

Vancouver, British Columbia – (Business Wire) -Ivance®, A sustainable technology seeker who is committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions, will unveil its sustainable packaging technology based on PACK EXPO Las Vegas. In response to the growing plastic epidemic, scientists and experts at Ivanese have developed innovative technology that produces cost-effective, 100% plant-based and 100% fertilizer sustainable packaging. The main packaging industry event will be held from September 27 to 29, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

During the PACK EXPO, the company will showcase its two packaging technologies and a wide range of packaging products. His booth shows Ivanes, the inventor® With high quality PLA (polytonic acid) fertilizer products, including straw, hot and cold cups and lids, plates, bowls, cutters, gloves and disposable bags. Booth visitors will be able to meet the top executive team and experience their plant-based packaging solutions in person.

“Our innovative technologies are designed to replace single-use plastics and styrofoam in packaging and become game-changing for the industry. We are thrilled to be using revolutionary starch technology in one of the world’s largest packaging events. ” This innovation in material science has the potential to truly transform sustainable packaging. This event provides an opportunity to launch our innovative packaging solutions, showcase our wide range of products, and meet industry leaders on collaborative opportunities.

Already used by service providers, restaurant chains and convenience stores, Evanses PLA products are competitively priced in equal or other alternatives, offer significantly improved strength, and are BPI-certified commercial fertilizers. Evans, the inventor® Mold Starch Technology produces half the 100% customizable mold packaging material from other eco-friendly alternatives on the market. By early 2022, it is expected to produce improved starch products, including food trays, meat trays, containers and cups.

Expanded production capacity

Evansse is ready to drive big change and lead a sustainable packaging industry by providing innovative and sustainable technology solutions. The company distinguishes itself from competition with US-made, high-quality products for delivery delays and supply chain risks. Millions of flexible PLLs every day. From the beach to the distribution centers, Evans plans to expand into the United States with a new 114,000-square-foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Care Of Evansse®

Evanses is a sustainable technology innovation that accelerates the adoption of fertilizer, plant-based packaging. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Ivanese develops and manufactures certified, commercially viable and cost-effective packaging solutions using the latest advances in material science. Our revolutionary innovation Evansesse mold starch technology uses upcycled plant-based products, 100% fertilizer and decomposes in 90 days or less. Evanses’ single use is driven by the removal of plastics and styrofoam packaging and to promote change that contributes to a healthy planet. Learn more at www.evanesce.com.

About Evansese® Sculpted starch technology

The revolutionary Evansese, who was produced in the United States, acquired ownership® Mold starch technology uses upcycled plant-based by-products, is 100% fertilizer, decomposes in 90 days or less and is available in early 2022. Evanese plant-based fertilizer packaging products include food trays, meat trays, containers and cups. . Ivanse is very fond of providing environmentally friendly solutions for fertilizer, plant-based packaging.

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