Eugene Ludwig, founder and CEO of Promontory MortgagePath, has been named Senior Technology Executive at the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

DENBURU, CONNECT, NOVEMBER 17, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Gene Ludwig, the founder and CEO of Promotion Mortgage LLC, a leading provider of digital mortgage and mortgage solutions, has announced that he is one of the top technology executives in Northern Virginia. Technology Council (NVTC) as part of the annual NVTC Tech 100 Awards. Ludwig is recognized for his long-term efforts to address economic inequality by improving access to technology and creating a more complete understanding of the economic realities facing Americans today.

“I am delighted that Virginia continues to be a leading technology hub for rich businesses and jobs as our country continues to adapt to our new way of life during the global epidemic. I am proud to know that Jean Ludwig is the winner of the 2021 NVTC Tech 100. Jennifer Taylor, President and CEO of NVTC, is a key contributor to making our region vibrant, inclusive, and inclusive.

Ludwig, led by Ludwig, announced in October 2020 to support the efforts of MIDIs and CDFIs to meet the challenges of lending and expanding access to credit and home ownership. Unexpected communities. While still in its early stages of release, the Promotion Mortgage Pase MDI Initiative achieved great results for the first participants, aiming to expand its mortgage business to four additional markets in its first year.

“I am honored to be a part of the NVTC Tech 100,” Ludwig said. “Improving financial supply for all Americans is one of the driving forces of my profession, and in today’s digital-led environment, it has become a great tool for resolving non-technological communities, especially colored economies.

As a Venture Capitalist Kanapi Ventures Management Partner, Ludwig is leading the company’s strategic investments in the development of Fintech Technologies. .

A.D. In 2019, Jean Ludwig founded LISEP. The study covers both unemployment, monthly and monthly earnings, and new economic indicators for the quarter. The purpose of these statistics is to provide policymakers and the public with a clearer view of the economic situation of all Americans compared to those based on cultural norms. LISEP also seeks to guide and support policy initiatives that increase opportunities for struggling Americans.

Ludwig adds: “By giving a more realistic view of the American economic struggles, we can be more surgical and unique in the solutions we use to solve those challenges.

Regarding the award, NVTC announced, “This year’s program attracts 130 nominees in three prize categories: Enterprise, Executive and Next General… Dedication, Vision and Creativity. “

About the Northern Virginia Technology Council

The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is a business association representing the state capital technology community. NVTC is one of the largest technology councils in the country, serving all technology companies, small businesses and startups up to Fortune 100 technology companies, as well as service providers, academic institutions and nonprofits. About 500 members are members of the NVTC, which sees the organization as a network of educational and educational opportunities, peer communities, policy mobilization, industry promotion, strategic partnerships, and the region as a major global technology hub. Middle. Visit NVTC at

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Promontory MortgagePath is a fast-paced problem-solving team on a mission to radically change the way mortgage lenders approach their business. Combining state-of-the-art, collaborative digital mortgage platform with state-of-the-art, comprehensive mortgage services, it provides lenders with advanced technology and the potential to compete competitively in today’s rapidly changing mortgage market. Gene Ludwig, the founder of Promontori Mortgage Paz, is widely known for his visionary financial interests, and his companies are known for helping community lenders solve their most pressing challenges. Visit to learn more.

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